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Let’s talk about Rajinikanth on his 66rd birthday!

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Rajinikanth is now 66 and has not lost a bit of his style and charm. On this special occasion, lets do some talking about his legend.

• Jijabai and Ramoji Rao Gaikwad, a Maharashtrian couple living in Bangalore were blessed with a boy after 3 children and they named him, Shivaji Rao Gaikwad. he was youngest of the four siblings.

• His mother left abode when he was just 5 and started facing severe problems from that age.

• Rajini did many dd jobs as a child to earn money. He worked as a coolie and a carpenter too.

• He worked as a bus conductor before getting into the film industry.

• He started off his career doing mythological plays in Kannada. He was best known for the role of Duryodhana.

• We know him as a fantastic actor but not many know has written screenplays. His first screenplay was for the movie Valli which was directed by K. Nataraj. He also produced the film and did a small role in it.

• A friend in need is a friend in deed. Like everyone, Rajinikanth has that one friend too, Raj Bahadur, who is still a close friend to him. This friend has encouraged and motivated him to pursue his dream of acting and get enrolled in Madras Film Institute.

• Rajinikanth made his debut in the Tamil film industry with Balachander’s Apoorva Raagangal, which also starred Kamal Haasan and Srividya. The first-ever movie frame he appeared in carried an ominous subtitle ‘Abaswaram’.

• In the start of his career, Rajinikanth did many roles as a villain.

• After several such negative shaded roles, his first positive role was in S P Muthuraman’s Bhuvana Oru Kelvikkuri. After this, he collaborated with director, Muthuraman in 25 movies.

• Besides starring in Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada and Telugu films, Rajinikanth also starred in a Bengali film, Bhagya Debata.

• Rajinikanth’s first big commercial success was Billa, a remake of the 1978 Amitabh Bachchan-starrer, Don.

• In 1985, the superstar completed 100 films and played the role of Hindu saint Raghavendra Swami in the movie Sri Raghavendra.

• Baasha, which released in 1995, established the actor as a superstar and broke several box-office records.

• The 1995 Bollywood film, Aatank Hi Aatank, saw him co-starring with Aamir Khan and Juhi Chawla

• K S Ravikumar’s Muthu, which starred Rajinikanth, was the first Tamil film to be dubbed and released in Japan.

• Chandramukhi, the 2007 horror-thriller starring the superstar, was dubbed in Turkish and German as Der Geisterjager and released there.

• Robo is another socio-fantasy film that hit the box office and ran all over the world.

• According to 2015 statistics, he is the second highest paid actor in Asia.

• He is the only actor to be featured in the CBSC syllabus.

• Rajanikanth has played a significant role in the 1988 Hollywood movie, The Bloodstone. The movie was directed by Dwight H. Little whose other works include Anacondas.

• He joined Twitter in 2014 and got a record number of followers(210,000) in just 24 hours which according to Economic Times is the fastest rate of followers for any Indian Celebrity.

• And now he is back with Robo 2.0. which is another high budgeted film that surely will break every record alive.

• Rajinikanth follows only 1 politician on twitter, Narendra Modi !
We heartfully wish Rajinikanth a very very happy birthday and also all the success for his Robo 2.0.

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