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Life lessons that we need to learn from Mahanati Savitri


Mahanati movie showcased us the rollercoaster life of Savitri garu. Following are some of the lessons picked up from her life journey.

When we do something which we are passionate about and put everything in it, fame and wealth just follows. They are only the by-products of the greatest being one is going to be.1 - passionate

Getting married and having kids are phases of life but not pauses. One’s dream career need not halt at such times. When there is support from family and profession, just keep it going and live your dream.

There will be desperate times in life. If we weaken and fall prey to the addiction of alcohol and narcotics, the empire which we have built so far would collapse in no time.

Love is our greatest strength and so is our greatest weakness. When we part with our dear ones, life seems miserable. That shouldn’t mean we should give up in life.

Sometimes the people we trust the most turn into our traitors. One has to be really careful while choosing the close allies.

With great power comes great responsibility. Not everyone will gain a place in people’s heart. When we are fortunate enough to be blessed with an extraordinary life, we must use this chance in making a difference to other lives.

When we breath our last, nothing will accompany us. Only the memories we cherished and life we lead rewinds for one last time. So do more things in life that make you happy and lead a life that you define.

Life is not a cakewalk. There will be good times and bad times. Staying rooted during success and fighting hard times with great courage does not make it a story but makes it into history!

Exceptional acting talent made her a ‘Nati’, but exceptional demeanor added made Savitri garu ‘Mahanati’.

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