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Here’s How ‘MeeBuddy’, An App From Andhra Is Helping Locals In Arunachal Pradesh During Lockdown


Intlo nundi kalu bayata pedithe police and government officers kodutunnaru. Edaina daily essentials kavalante limited time lo mana nearby shops lone teechukovalsi vastundi adi kuda untene. Hyderabad, Vizag, Vijayawada lanti metro cities lo situation eh ila unte inka ika rural areas lo cheppe avasaram ledu.

1. Mee BuddyMana state lo rural areas emo kani….east india lo states lo unde rural people ee lockdown valla chala suffer avtunnaru. Arunchal Pradesh lanti hill station state lo daily essentials dorakalante chala kastam. Kani ippudu akkada daily essentials kosam intlo nundi bayataki kuda velladam ledu. Just ala app lo order chesthe prathidi door delivery avtundi.

Door delivery chestundi government officials oo volunteers oo kadu ‘MeeBuddy’ ane app andulo work chese delivery boys.

MeeBuddy is helping locals Arunachal district after mutual understanding with local government:

MeeBuddy mana telugu state aina Andhra Pradesh lo 2019 lo start aina ee app 200+ villages lo spread aiyyi 20+ franchises tho mingle aiyyi daily essentials supply chesindi. Aithe recent ga lockdown ki mundu East-India states lo business start chesina ‘MeeBuddy’ Arunachal Pradesh lo services start chesindi. Lockdown ki mundu anthaga response ledu kani very after ‘MeeBuddy’ collaboration with local governance they started delivering essential goods to locals following safety measures amid coronavirus outbreak in India.

Malireddy Rajasekhar, founder and CEO says nearly 20 remote villages are using their app and they deliver daily essentials like baby products, groceries, vegetables, dairy products upon ordering in the app. As of now the app has registered over 1480 users in Lohit district and executed over 200 deliveries with 900+ new users registered and downloaded the app as well.

Not only groceries, and daily essentials but also delivering the essentials like agricultural items and services like plumbing, carpentry and basic electrical needs. This app also gives a platform to purchase and sell local and used products like agriculture tools, electronic gadgets, and handicrafts across semi-urban and rural areas through affiliated dealers (franchises) in Arunachal Pradesh.

MeeBuddy allows customers to pay through cash and online services, delivering products with jet speed:

Vegetables, Groceries nundi anni othe home needs varaku anni products ni within 30 minutes lo delivery chesthu assala lockdown lo unnam ane vishayam marchipoye la ee app akkada ilanti crucial times lo door delivery chesthu akkada public ki chala helpful ga undi.

Whereas most developed cities like Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai kuda ee roju ilantivi cheyaleka fail avtunte ee mana telugu state app is winning hearts in East India states.

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