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Meet Aruna Budda Reddy who created history at Gymnastics world cup


Aruna Budda Reddy, e peruki peddaga introduction ivalsina avasaram ledu endukante, recent ga jarigina Gymnastics World Cup podium lo mana country ki bronze medal techi pettindi e 22-year old Hyderabadi girl. She became the first Indian to win the medal at World Cup championship that held in Melbourne.

Aruna 3-years age nunde Karate nerchukodam start chesindi and then she switched to gymnastics when she was seven years. Tanaki 10 years unapudu, she won the first national medal in gymnastics and since then she never looked back.

Unfortunately, her father died at the age of 14 and apatinundi gymnastics lo vachina prize money tho she used to support her family financially. Her success is not an ice on the cake, she faced a lot of struggles, especially after the death of her father. Tana career tho paatu, chala responsibilities tane chusukunedi intiki sambandinchinavi. She wanted to discontinue gymnastics after her father passed away but family members supported her a lot.

She now wants to be a Chartered Accountant and focusing on the Commonwealth and the Asian Games. Recently, she met Telangana Chief Minister KCR and offered her Rs. 2 crores for winning the bronze for the country.

Indian gymnastics ni Ashish Kumar andariki parichayam chesi, India ki first-ever gymnastics bronze medal ni 2010 lo Commonwealth Games lo win ayadu. Six years tarvata 2016 Rio Olympics lo Dipa Karmakar became the first Indian gymnast to qualify for Olympics and won a bronze medal. Now, Budda Aruna Reddy joined the bandwagon and became the first Indian to win this medal at World Cup.


We are very proud of you Aruna!

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