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Meet Mammikka: The Viral & Inspiring Story Of Daily Wage Labourer Turned Overnight Model


Naa soodi tiragale kaani overnight lo nenu ento chupistha ani kondaru antunte vinadaniki chla funny ga untadi. Kani konni sarlu nature support chesthe, situations support cheyale kani evaru emaina avocchu anedi history lo chala sarlu prove aindi kuda. Ippudu meeku alanti incident okkati cheppabotunna…60 year old man Mammikka from Kerala oo daily wage labour. Kani cut chesthe overnight lo Wedding suit brand ki model aipoyadu. Avunu already ithani viral pics meeru internet lo chuse untaru…assalu varu ithanilo model ni identify chesindi evaru? Ee beggar sorry model ippudu social media lo chakkarlu koduthu viral ela aiyyadu anedi story lo chuseddam.

1. Mammikka – A 60-year-old from Kozhikode, Kerala is a daily wage laborer who used to earn 300-500 per day through begging.

2. Shareek Vayalil, a professional photographer from Kozhikode, randomly captured pics of Mammikka on the streets.

3. Later, he posted Mammikka’s pics on his Facebook timeline after he found him to have some resemblance to Malayalam actor Vinayakan.

4. A Pic of Mammikka in faded lungi and shirt, went viral on Shareek Vayalil’s facebook timeline in no time.

5. Shareek Vayalil chanced upon an idea to do a photoshoot with Mammikka.

6. Soon, Shareek asked Mammikka to model for a wedding suit company he owned. Before the photoshoot, the 60-year-old underwent a makeover which was captured in a video that has been watched by a ton of netizens on Instagram.

7. Shareek took many pictures of Mammikka, dressed in a classic blazer, trousers, with an iPad in hand, luxury cars, and posing in different styles.

8. He shared Mammikka’s pics on his Instagram and FB handles which became an overnight sensation on Social Media.

9. Mammikka is now a professional model with some crazy offers in hand, and also has his own Instagram page, where he has shared bts videos from the photoshoot.

10. Thus, a daily wage laborer’s life has changed from rags to riches overnight. Mammikka is now a hero in his native Vennakkad, Kodivalli in Kozhikode.