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#MEMU: The Youtube Mega Multi Starrer


Weekly Release Ayye Movies Kante kuda eh madhya janalu Digital Media meedha ekkuva interest chupistunnaru. Janalaki Youtube Entertainment saripovadam ledani Ardhamavutundi. Anduke Short Films ki Next Generation ga Web Series Start Ayyayi. Konthamandi Immatured ga Movie Kosam Rasukunna Scripts ni Web Series ga teeyadam start chesaka janalaki Web Series & Youtube Content Meedha kuda Interest Potunna Time lo Some Sensible Youtube Content Creators Cum Actors, Jahnavi Dashetty, Chicago Subbarao, Manoj, Jalsa Rayudu Aka JDV Prasad & Many More. But these Four Guys Entertained the People to the core, Made them emotional, Gave them some real hope and lots of knowledge and stuff just with their videos. Now These 4 Guys came together for the Funniest Suspense Drama Called “Memu”. VIU lo Stream avutunna ee Web series Trailer Almost Oka Mini Digital Tsunami Create chesindi.1 - memu

When one of their Friend is getting married, The Whole Team wanted to Enjoy their Last Vacation to the core. Ithey Mana Chicago Subbarao eh Vacation ki time ledu ani oppukokapovadamtho program almost cancel anukunna time lo Crazy Manoj Vesina Typical Planning tho Goa Vechestaru Along with Mahathalli & Jalsa Rayudu. Ala Vellina eh sudden & unplanned Trip lo Vallu Face Chesina Funny Situations & Tensed Issues ento VIU app / Viu.com lo chudandi.

Web-series is the current trend in the Telugu Digital space with a lot of new series coming up #Memu somehow seems to stand out from the rest.

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