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7 Most Expensive Indian Sweets That Make A Sweet Dig In Your Pocket


Contributed By: Viswajitha

Ee janmame ruchi chudadaaniki dorikera antu roju paatalu vintam, aaha emi ruchi ani maimarchipotham, end of the month intha karchu chesama ani kangu thini malli budget options vethukutham. Maha ante velam paatalo ganesh laddu ae mana expensive mithai, kaani if you want to try out these sweets, keep aside your Iphone and other high budget dreams, because these sweets give you expensive sugar rush.

21 Kg laddoo – Rupees 14.65 Lakhs

Whatsapp Image 2020 11 10 At 1.22.42 PmNormally aa price range lo lakhs of laddus vastayi. But, the 21 kg laddoo which is made with pure ghee and dry fruits is sold at Hyderabad, in Balapur auction that has been a tradition for many years for 14.65 Lakhs. Making it most expensive mithai that has been sold.

Exotica – Rupees 50,000

Exotica is a dry sweet, sold at Lucknow is made with a mix of exotic imported ingredients like Blueberries, Macadamia, Hazelnut, Pinenuts, Kesar and Mamra Badam cost around rupees 50,000 per kg.

Besan Laddu – Rupees 21,000 – 30,000

Auction kuda lekunda normal gaane intha price enduku ani thought strike ayyindi kada? These laddus sold at Delhi, are expensive because these laddus are added with a filling of French Valrhona which is a luxury chocolate and caramel with gold plating on top. Mana Ambani mama regular customer antene ardham avvalsindi cost kuda ambarani antuthayi ani.

Suvarna Mithai – Rupees 12,000

The Suvarna or golden Badam based sweet sold at Mumbai, cost around rupees 9,000 to 12,000. Because, they use premium quality Mamra badam, Pista from Iran and High quality Kesar with the added coating of 24K gold. The second most expensive sweet apricot sweet costs around 3000 per 100 gms.

Gold Ghari – Rupees 10,000

Ghari is a sweet native to Surat, made with pure ghee milk and sugar. However, the added special ingredient which is Gold ganache over the traditional Ghari makes the sweet an expensive buyPattukunte padivelu mari.

Gold Leaf Dry Fruit Sweet: Rupees 9000

These Dry fruit-based sweets covered in generous topping of Pure Gold are sold at Surat for around 9,000 rupees. Paluke Bangaram aayera..

Kohinoor Gold Halwa – Rupees 4000

Kohinoor Gold Halwa is sold at Lucknow, which is made with premium quality Milk, Pine nuts, Kesar and dry fruits with special ingredients like Gold and Silver sheets placed on the sweet. They will surely ensure their customers will have a true experience of ‘Nee illu Bangaram kaaanuu…

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