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Top 10 Most Hated Anime Characters In Naruto



Naruto has presented us to a variety of fascinating characters, some of whom we adore and some of whom we despise. It is one of the most well-known and long-running anime series. The Naruto franchise has presented us to a diverse cast of antagonists, supporting players, and protagonists over the course of its existence, but some stand out as the most hated. It turns out that supporters enjoy hating. It frequently feels therapeutic to criticise certain anime characters because many of them have seemingly long arcs that end up nowhere. We’ll examine the most despised characters in the Naruto universe in this article.

1. Sakura Haruno:
Without a doubt, Sakura is one of the most contentious figures in the Naruto universe. Some of her supporters adore her, while others despise her. Sakura is generally despised for being exceedingly grating and petulant. She is also mostly regarded as ineffective throughout the course of the series, and many fans contend that she lacks the strength of the other female ninjas in the area. Even some of Sakura’s own supporters have to agree that she frequently hinders rather than advances the plot. Sakura has fewer supporters despite this though. She is undoubtedly one of the most despised characters in Naruto, though.

2. Danzo Shimura:
Danzo Shimura is a much nuanced figure that is difficult to categorise as either a “villain” or “hero.” Danzo is greatly despised by Naruto fans because, at his essence, he is an antagonist. Danzo receives criticism frequently for his deeds during the Fourth Great Ninja War, as he strikes arrangements with other underground communities to seize power. He is cunning, vicious, and power-hungry, and he will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. He oversaw The Foundation’s creation of an army of flawless troops, gave the go-ahead for the wholesale massacre of the Uchihas, and encouraged Konoha’s destruction. Danzo is without a doubt the Naruto character most despised because of his cruelty and callousness.

3. Orochimaru:
Being one of the most recognisable and despised Naruto bad guys is Orochimaru. It’s claimed that his one and only objective—regardless of the price—is to surpass all other ninjas in strength. Orochimaru has consistently been a danger to the leaves and has made murderous attempts on a number of significant individuals throughout the series. However, Orochimaru’s eerie fascination with Sasuke and his dubious moral behaviour are the underlying causes of his dislike.

4. Kabuto Yakushi:
One of Naruto’s most unpleasant and aggravating characters is Kabuto Yakushi. He is steadfastly faithful to Orochimaru despite the several occasions that Orochimaru has deceived him. Fans view Kabuto as a weak guy who only becomes strong under another operative’s influence. For many viewers, his treachery at the conclusion of the series was the cherry on top.

5. Kaguya Otsutsuki:
Late in the first season of Naruto, a new character named Kaguya Otsutsuki is introduced. She is very strong since she is the mother of all chakra. Kaguya is despised for being an unimpressive final boss, having little any character development, and serving only as a plot device. Her objectives and back-story, according to some fans, were poorly articulated, making her a forgettable antagonist.

6. Gaara:
Although Gaara might be a surprise to see on this list, some fans despise him for his voice acting. The character is strong and has an interesting past, but his voice doesn’t fit his commanding presence. Because of this, some fans found it difficult to take Gaara seriously as a character.

7. Deidara:
Deidara is a character who veers in and out of being likeable. While some admirers believe him to be an intriguing and distinctive figure, others simply cannot abide his demeanour. Some admirers found Deidara’s trademark artistic antics and snarky demeanour irritating. However, for some supporters, he has simply never progressed past the point of mediocrity.

8. Sasuke Uchiha:
Sasuke Uchiha is one of the most adored and despised characters in the Naruto series. Early on, Sasuke appeared to be a typical Naruto character, but he soon proved to be the complete opposite—a villain. He planned to destroy the Leaf Village and resented Kakashi, Naruto’s teacher, for failing to save his family. Sasuke’s involvement in the killing of his sibling angered a lot of viewers as well. Some supporters, who harbour the Scarlet’s history in their hearts, refuse to pardon Sasuke despite his current heroic path.

9. Sai:
Another character who elicits significant emotions from different Naruto fans is Sai. While some viewers felt him to be a bit too bland, others thought he was an interesting addition to the cast. The difference in Sai’s characterization between the anime and manga may have contributed to the disagreement about the character. Still, not many Naruto fans were very interested in Sai.

10.Hidan :
One of the Akatsuki’s members, Hidan, has a special gimmick: he is incapable of dying. He becomes immensely skilled in combat by using his immortality to surrender to the god Jashin. Hidan is despised by many people since he is a one-dimensional figure that never truly strays from his gimmick. His filthy behaviours, such as spitting and cursing, as well as his general boorish demeanour, are frequently criticised, making him a challenging figure to appreciate.

Last but not least, Naruto has given us some of the most enduring and fascinating characters in the annals of anime, but it has also given us some that we can’t tolerate. These are the Naruto characters that people despise the most, according to traits like Sakura’s whiny demeanour, Danzo’s desire for power, and Do Not Forget Hidan’s lewdness. Nevertheless, despite how hated they are, these individuals are crucial in creating the plot and personalities that we adore.

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