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Top 10 Most Used Handbag Brands In India For Women


The perfect accessories help complete the style, just as choosing the appropriate outfit for the occasion is crucial. The main attraction for every occasion and function is a premium handbag. Their high-end styles and colours are available in a variety of shades to suit the demands of both traditional and contemporary fashionistas. The top bag brands in India may be found here; therefore, you’re in the perfect location.

As there are so many luxury handbag brands available, it might be challenging to choose one that matches your sense of style. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 handbag manufacturers in India to make your search easier.

List of Most Used Handbag Brands In India For Women

1. Lavie

Lavie is a lifestyle brand that was founded in 2010 and offers handbags and shoes to meet all of a woman’s needs. Their premium handbags come in a wide range of styles, including slings, clutches, totes, hobo bags, baguettes, and more. Transforming your sense of style with the incredible collection of Lavie purses, pair your summer outfit with a gorgeous and vibrant luxury sling bag. Carry colour-blocked Lavie luxury handbags to a party to brighten your day and show off your sense of style. Each time, step out in style with a Lavie luxury handbag.

2. Caprese

The chic Caprese luxury handbag collection is the perfect way to accessorise your favourite outfits. Use colourful hobo bags or Caprese sling bags to keep your cards and cash organised. It contains stunning colours, including olive green, burgundy, gold, and others, to match different occasions and emotions.

Wear your beautiful appearance with a variety of eye-catching, trendy, and stylish Caprese luxury handbags. You may choose a Caprese purse to complement your outfit, whether you’re going to a formal event or a laid-back lunch with your friends. Elegant handbags by Caprese are available for any occasion!

3. Baggit

Baggit is one of India’s most well-known handbag manufacturers. Nina Lekhi established it in 1990, and today it is known as a premium handbag company that produces the highest-calibre handbags at competitive costs. To give your usually plain purses a fashionable touch, you may purchase imitation leather, canvas, and other materials. The Baggit premium handbags provide a mix of eye-catching colours, a sprinkle of refinement, and a style that fits you perfectly. The most popular luxury handbags in India are distinguished by their stylish design, range of sizes, abstract patterns, and competitive costs. Baggit is your one-stop store if you’re looking for premium handbags that go with many outfits.

4. Hidesign

Dilip Kapur established the well-known worldwide fashion label Hidesign in 1978. This is one of the top handbag manufacturers for beautiful, high-end leather purses. For those with a sense of style who want genuine leather goods, Hidesign’s unique designs are ideal. The Hidesign luxury handbags have a number of characteristics, like being sturdy, long-lasting, fashionable, and durable. Choose from this brand’s attractively coloured messenger bags, clutches, slings, and other accessories.

5. Da Milano

The leather goods manufacturer Da Milano has more than 60 years of expertise. This brand is one of the finest for ladies’ purses in the world since its handbags are durable and made with technology to offer comfort in addition to style. New lines of high-end handbags are being produced in response to market needs and the newest styles as the industry expands globally. To fit your individuality, you may select vivid hues and patterns from this company. The company sells a variety of luxury handbag designs, including bucket bags, bucket baguettes, and slings.

6. Esbeda

Esbeda is a premium handbag brand that was introduced in India by Intouch Leather House Indian Pvt. Ltd. The company specialises in producing elegant-looking handbags for Indian consumers at affordable prices. Esbeda handbags meet international standards and are available in a variety of designs and hues to suit any occasion. To keep up with international fashion trends, it maintains production facilities in other nations, including Taiwan, China, Korea, and India.

7. Lino Perros

A luxury handbag company in India, Lino Perros, was founded in 1999 and has come a long way since then. Particularly for individuals who enjoy displaying the traditional ladylike charm, its high quality and distinctive patterns are genuine heart-stealers. Among college students, this brand is also one of the most well-known since it works hard to appeal to that market by providing reasonably priced purses that are both sturdy and fashionable. At Lino Perros, you can choose from a variety of clutches, satchels, cross-body bags, hobo bags, and more in both upscale and budget-friendly price points.


8. Peperone

Peperone was founded in 2010 and has seen ground-breaking success in the fashion accessory industry. It manufactures and makes fabric bags, women’s purses, men’s wallets, and more. This brand’s selection of luxury handbags offers exceptional comfort, cutting-edge designs, and gorgeous colour combinations. Peperone is an affordable brand that creates stylish, high-end handbags for everyday use. It is well liked by college students who like to dress elegantly but stylishly. Purchase a medium, big, or tiny satchel to complete your rugged appearance.


9. Ladida

Ladida is the most genuine brand that makes handbags without using animal leather. It makes designer handbags out of synthetic and faux leather that are sure to set you apart from the crowd. It is the most expensive handbag brand due to its exquisite colour choices that are appropriate and stunning, as well as its distinctive blend of elegant designs. For your casual style, get a messenger bag, hobo, bucket, satchel, or sling bag from this company. Discover a stunning collection of women’s handbags made of leather, canvas, and jute to help your fashion game regain its sense of joy.


10. The House Of Tara

The House of Tara, which was established in 2012, is renowned for defying conventional handbag design conventions. The House of Tara changed the market when it first started with its unique designs. The House of Tara offers a wide selection of pop-designed, casual, and attractive handbags for those who want to possess unique fashions. Additionally, the brand is an excellent option for gifts because of its distinctive designs. The House of Tara has all you need the next time you want to give a handbag as a gift. From this company, you may get cotton canvas cross-body bags, backpacks, handbags, shoulder bags, and more.

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