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Must haves in every Girl’s wardrobe


Girls love clothes, enni konukunta takva ne anpistayi and the end of the every girl’s dialogue is ” I don’t have clothes ” and konukovali ante dabbulu saripovu. Ikkada we are giving you few wardrobe essentials, mee ” no clothes” problem ni solve chestayi.

1.Basic Tees :0 Must Haves in a Girl's wardrobe

2.Spagetti/tank tops:

3.Denim shirt/ Jacket:4.White sneakers:5.Black leggings/long skirt/jeans:6.White formal shirt:7.Ballet Flats :8.Statement necklaces/ Earings: 9.Black Heels:10.Denim Jeans: 11.Sling Bag:

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