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My Dear Indians It’s Time We Learn Some Traffic Sense & Discipline From Mizoram


Traffic Ammo ee word vinte chalu manam daily roads meedha traffic tippalu anni kalla mundhu okkasariga ala flash avthayi. Kani assala Traffic leni city lo…assalaa traffic jam avvani city lo meeru unte aa feeling el untadi? Just traffic jams matrame kadu unnecessary ga horn kottani commuters, discipline follow avthu vehicles ni overtake cheyakunda singal padithe ekkadi vehicles akkade untu…2 way road lo avtala road kaaliga unde city lo undamante manam abba antha kante inko vaaram em untadi antaru.

Kani mana India lo idi possible aithe ilanti city eh Japan oo…lkeka Us lono untadi tappa India lo unde chance eh ledu. Meeru ilane anukunte meeru pappu lo kalesinatte…enduku ante paina icchina elevation antha Mana Mizoram state gurinchi akkada commuters follow ayye rules gurinchi. Avunu recent ga Internet lo Mizoram Roads meeda signal daggara commuters antha disciplined ga unna pic okati full viral aindi.

Ee pic Anand Mahindra share cheyadam inkastha viral aindi…aithe ee discipline oka roju, okka event kosamo kadhu…daily mana Mizoram lo ive scenes chustham. Akkada evaru vehicles ni take over cheyaru, signals cross chesaru, horns avasaram aithe kottaru…idi antha okka rojulo avvaledu some years practice undi and deeni venaka chinna story eh undi…adento telsukundam padandi.

1. Traffic Jams are a major headache for states like Mizoram for their not so spacious roads and huge motor vehicles and cars in the state.

2. The State Govt is very much worried about the traffic jam scenarios in Mizoram after the constant increase of 30% vehicles every year.

3. In 2017, the Mizoram Govt came up with New Motor Vehicle & Traffic Rules in The State and decided to allow vehicles with an odd, even number basis.

4. According to the new rules, any vehicle whose registration number ends with 1 or 2 can move on Monday, 3 or 4 can move on Tuesday, 5 or 6 on Wednesday, 7 or 8 on Thursday, 9 and 10 on Friday, respectively.

5. Mizoram citizens practiced this for months. Traffic police succeeded in educating them about traffic rules and they obeyed and started following them with utter discipline and responsibility.

6. After 1 year Mizoram’s heavy traffic jams, road mishaps, signal jumpings, vehicle overtaking came to an end where everyone adopted disciplinary traffic rules.

7. Mizoram commuters adopted the rule that cars take the left side of the road while all the bikes and scooters occupy the right; with this simple rule, they prevent minimal congestion and jams.

8. Mizoram Commuters don’t take the other side of the 2-way road even though it is free during the signal time. Also, they don’t honk unnecessarily and maintain a distance of min 2 feet between vehicles and give space to pedestrians to walk by

9. They don’t give a chance to block on roads, if required, they clear the blockage instead of looking out for traffic police to come and clear.

10. Thus, Mizoram State & People set a fine example of how one’s discipline, responsibility will change the society and problems within.

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