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Nidralo activities chese people create memories that we never forget


Normal ga entha matladina entha active unna kuda, it is something to deal with 😉
Kani sleep lo chesthe matram it is so funny and weird at the same time

1. They wake up in the middle of the night and dayyam laaga walk around. Asalu entha scary ga untadi.1nidra

2. Chakkaga padkoni untama… this fellow from the side starts shouting someone’s name and we do not know who they are talking to and what we should do.

3. Sudden ga nidralo manalni okkate kodtharu and we get up and vallu kottinaka padkuntaru. Asalu enduku kottinru and emaindi em telidu

4. Nidralo they get up and be like they are travelling somewhere! Until we go up to them and shake them to consciousness or they go back to their bed after having their plans cancelled

5. If we are not at home and vaallaki phone chesthe, they say they are at Europe and we get confused !

6. Nidralo kondaru edustharu. Adi sometimes silent ga unte inkonni times violent ga untadi. Apudu manam em cheyyalo ardham kaadu

7. Nijanga BTech backlogs clear cheyyaniki kashtapadtu… nidralo IAS clear cheshna speeches istharu. Aa speeches and claps vini mana Nidra waste

8. Nidralo chaala activities chesi asali poyi sudden ga manalni lepi aakali autundi antaru kondaru. What is this manaki ardham kaadu

9. This is another kind of people. Okkasari sleep ki elthe malli earthquake ochina levaru. Veellatho inkonni kashtalu untay. That is a whole different thing ankondi

10. Tag your beloved friends and tell them how much you love them! 😉

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