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Not Only Khairatabad: 7 Famous Ganesh Pandals In Hyderabad One Should Visit This Season

Not Only Khairatabad: 7 Famous Ganesh Pandals In Hyderabad One Should Visit This Season

Hyderabad lo unde vallaki Ganesh Festival anagane first strike ayye peru Khairatabad Ganesh. Khairatabad Ganesh is one of the tallest Ganesh Pandals and oldest Ganesh Utsav Committee In India. Khairatabad Ganesh committee has been following Ganesh Festival celebrations Since 1954 and thousands of devotees visit everyday to seek blessings of Lord Ganesh here.

Khairatabad Ganesh is much popular In Hyderabad, but there are other 7 Most Famous Ganesh Pandals In Hyderabad. Here’s a List of those famous Ganesh Pandals In Hyderabad that you must visit this festive season.

1. Khairatabad Ganesh Pandal

Cheppedi em undi meeku andariki telisindhe…daily chala mandi devotees visit chestuntaru. And ee year raleni valla kosam online darshan, online pooja, online prasadam door delivery kuda chestunnaru committee.

You must join Khairatabad Ganesh procession and immersion event. It would be interesting to watch.

2. Balapur Ganesh Pandal

Balapur Ganesh became much popular after the whopping Laddu Auction price they conduct every year. Stars with thousands Balapur Laddu auction goes to Lakhs from 1 to 20 Lakhs. Last year this Laddu auction reached a high, making it at 18+ lakhs.

Not just for Laddu but their big and tall attractive statue with kind of grand celebrations makes it a must visit Ganesh Pandal.

3. Gowlipura Ganesh Mandap

Known for mass Ganesh Pandals throughout the streets with huge decoration setups and breathtaking decoration themes like snow, kailas and other themes. You must visit the places of Gowlipura and Pandals to experience some grandeur way of celebrating Ganesh Festival.

4. Begum Bazar Ganesh Pandals

Ok coming to the trade center of Hyderabad The Begum Bazaar, the ganesh festival here is celebrated like nowhere else in the city. Yes, you heard it right Begum Bazaar streets are famous for Kolkata and Sholapur Ganesh statues following the beautiful decorative attractions like mandap, procession to immersion they perform dances in groups and lit lights and crackers even throughout the season.

5. Kamalanagar, Chaitanyapuri Ganesh Pandal

Chaitanyapuri , Hyderabad’s East Zone is famous for huge lord Ganesha Statues and grand decorations. They do Annadanam, Utti, perform with huge bands, and dances on streets throughout the season.

6. Osmangunj Ganesh Pandals

Another old city place after Gowlipura, to celebrate Ganesh festival with unique ways of setting up mandaps and procession with huge rallies on 9th, 10th and 11th day.

7. Dhoolpet

Ofcourse, not only famous for making Ganesh Idols – the Dhoolpet is also famous for Ganesh Utsav. They set up their own Ganesh Mandaps with limited decorations, small statues, full of bhajans and prayers throughout the season. They also do minimal celebrations with more dances and chanting out slogans of Jai Ganesha in every nook on the last day.

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