Pawan Kalyan-An Inspiring Hero


We live in a society of rich and poor, needy and the needless, necessity and luxury. There are many people who give a lot of importance to helping and consider humanity their main motto of lives. There is one such person in the Telugu film industry that is not only appreciated and applauded for the kind of movies he delivers, but also for the impeccable helping hand he possesses.

He is our very own Power Star, Pavan Kalyan. He, in a period of 2 decades, has a filmography of just 23 films which proves him to be an actor of quality and not quantity. Apart from being so productive and successful in his film career, he is the hero for many needy people. A family has appeared on the show, Memu Saitham telling how much of patience, respect, care, concern and help Pavan Kalyan has shown to them.

Kudos to such amazing stars in Tollywood and wishing them all the success and happiness in life.