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Phanindra Narsetti – A Self Taught Film Maker Who Is Flipping The Dynamics of Movie Making


Phanindra Narsetti – A boy who started with some thought provoking promotional videos at a length of 2 minutes and grew to making few of the best short films in Telugu is now making all heads turn towards him. Known for his snaggy cuts with clever narration, this film maker has now evolved to be a new age story teller. Ironically he started to showcase his creativity skills with ‘Pencil’. Pencil is a creative video for the brand ‘Natraj Pencils’ which won him accolades and an award at Goa MOFILMS. Those words along with his creative visuals itself speak the substance this film maker possesses. It is the way he chooses to present his subject that brings in a feel of freshness.

The first steps:

A self taught film maker, he opened the doors to making short films with just the phones that were available at his disposal. He believes that if there is one thing that cannot be taught, is has to be creativity. And that’s definitely true!! Believe in yourself and there is no one stopping you!

It’s not me telling this about him, the appreciation and awards he won right from the beginning of his career itself speak volumes of him. He won consecutive international awards from MOFILMS in the year 2010 and 2011. MOFILMS is a leader in people-powered marketing democratizing creativity. Check out for a sample this video which won’t consume more than a minute and you will agree to what all has been said above.

The iPhone movie – A first of its kind in Telugu.

Doing anything commendable for the first time and succeeding gives you a different high altogether. Phanindra was bang on with his first experiment. He shot his first movie on an iPhone 4S. It looks like all the input he needed was his creative brain. He completely shot, edited and dubbed his first movie, Backspace on an iPhone. And this was not just some random short film that he was doing on a mobile. It was a well thought, planned and awesomely executed project. From varied angles, screenplay to the crisp editing and background score, everything was not only spot on but of some genius touch! Now if you haven’t watched this, watch it right away here. You can thank me later!

So why talking about Phanindra Narsetti now?

Post Backspace, Phanindra went ahead upping his standards and love for cinema with Madhuram, an independent short film which received immense response on YouTube and is close to 2M views. For a video whose duration is 1 hour with a regional base and coming from a budding film maker, achieving this feat is truly amazing.

Phanindra is coming up with his next venture titled Manu. And he has managed to pool all the money needed for this movie through ‘crowd funding’. Now this is the first of its kind happening in Telugu cinema where people who have watched his stuff, believed in him and have taken a step forward not to just invest and make some money, but this way they have opened doors for more such creative minds to explore their skills, look up and believe in themselves.

Thank you, Phanindra for being an inspiration. Thank you for loving cinema!!

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