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Radhika Apte Is Out To Make You Face Your Worst Nightmare In ” Phobia “


Horror – a genre which didn’t get its due in a country where cinema is worshipped. With sporadic hits the quench for a near perfect horror film is still a dream for many India cine-lovers who resort to Korean or Japanese films. Even when it comes to horror we resort to paranormal but human mind has the capacity to spin horrific things. “Phobia” is a reflection of such a human mind that’s driven by fear – in this case it’s agoraphobia which forces a young lady to get trapped inside her own house. And then weird things starts happening as she find a human finger in her freezer to some maniac inside her house with a knife. Thus the thrill begins as she is trapped from all angles and now it’s the time to shed off the “phobia” within.

Gritty, moody with dim light the trailer thus builds the atmosphere in the beginning giving us a clue of the protagonist’s fearful nature and gradually it picks up the space enthralling us enough to look forward to the whole film. The shock element is plenty and it seems director has taken gore as tool to frighten you. The trailer surely pleasantly shocked us!! Also, it doesn’t look like there are many characters in the film but talents like Radhika Apte and Satyadeep Mishra (last seen in Bombay Velvet as Ranbir’s friend) can surely engage you.

On flipside the trailer does reminds us of RGV’s masterpiece Kaun which was written by then newcomer Anurag Kashyap. Trapped inside a house in a stormy night the psychological thriller dealt with three characters and their tragic fate. It is a cult film and I don’t think Pawan Kripalani would make the mistake of remaking it.

Kripalani who is not new to this genre had earlier made two mediocre horror films like Ragini MMS and Darr@the mall. Let’s see if the final content of “Phobia” is as intriguing as the trailer.

P.S : For fans of psychological horror, there’s an under-rated hindi gem called “404 error not found”.

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