Home Entertainment Presenting you the Native Cuisine of Telangana!

Presenting you the Native Cuisine of Telangana!


Telangana cuisine has 2 variations. Telugu food, Hyderabadi food!!

Telugu food:

1. Chapathi and Pappu is one of the most famous dishes of the culture.1telangana-cuisine2. They are the spiciest amongst all the other telugu and Indian cuines3. Jonna Rotte, Uppidipindi, Vankaya Pulusu are some unique dishes that you will not find anywhere else.4. Sakinalu, SarvaPindi are some savory dishes that will totally drool you!5. Polelu, Garijelu and many more sweets are perfect for any sweet toothed person!Hyderabadi Food:

1. Who doesn’t know Hyderabad is famous for its biryani with Mirchi ka salan??2. Shahi Tukre or Double ka Meetha, Qubani ka meetha, Sheer Khurma are some famous sweets of this land.3. Bagara Bhaigan, Samosa, Street side dosas, Chicken Shawarma, Seasonal Haleem are the most famous savory dishes.4. Do not forget the Irani Chai!!!

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