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8 Qualities That Make KCR Stand Apart From Other Leaders


You know one is a leader of the masses when he is able to pull crowds and engross you with his words/charisma/presence. Kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao, the first CM of Telangana carries that elan of being a leader and an able administrator.

KCR started his political career as a youth leader with the Congress. He then moved to join Telugu Desam Party led by N.T. Rama Rao and contested as MLA from Siddipet in the 1983 elections which he lost. From 1985, there was no looking back for KCR. He won four back to back Assembly elections from Siddipet and got a complete grip over his homeground. He served as the Minister of Drought & Relief and Minister of Transport during this regime. It was in 2001 when he formed the regional party with a sole agenda to achieve a separate state of Telangana.

Since then, it was a tedious battle for all the leaders with the state going through many hurdles and the situation getting more and more awry. Years passed and the final objective was achieved by KCR in getting a separate state and making him the first Chief Minister for the same. Some remained happy, while for some it didn’t go well. It was just the beginning for a yet another major up-hill task for the newly elected leader and the newly formed state. While it might be a bit too early to talk about the state’s progress, reaching this stage has been so far a successful journey for KCR.

But, how did he manage to do that? What factors helped him reach the masses apart from the political strategies every Indian politician undertakes? What was that oomph factor that made and still makes him stand apart from others?

Here find these qualities that led him to be what he is today:

KCR’s colloquial language

KCR’s colloquial language-KCR

He is not a leader who speaks formally at a gathering. He is leader who knows how to relate with his people. He talks like your neighbour or any next door person about your issues and argues for them like one among you. There is an instant connect when you do this. The added quality is, he is very well versed with Hindi, Telugu, Urdu and English, which is why he knows where and how to speak what.

KCR knows the numbers right

When he talks on how many acres are available in Warangal district for the SEZ zone and how much he can allocate, he comes out with the exact number of acres available. That shows the grip he has over his state. This is just an example. Check out any of his speeches and you will love them for the statistics he uses.

A Grip on the functioning of his administration and History of Events

After he set out his agenda to carve a separate state, his thirst made him research into the functionality of all the administration departments. He very well knows what happens in every department. On the other hand, almost every speech of his contains one or the other example from the past. He gives a detailed explanation as to why the situation was perceived in a manner then and how should it be perceived in the present times.

Straight to the point! No beating around the bush

When he says it, he says he right on the face. It might be hard and break fences at times, but that’s the confidence he has on his statements. While he makes his points crystal clear, he never regrets for any of his words. An attitude of a leader!

An Efficient Leader 

Apart from the effective schemes and their execution that he watches closely, he has ensured his efficiency with the ‘single window system’ for all the investors in the new state. A system where all required approvals would be cleared at one go. Apart from this, the sacking of T Rajaiah for his inefficiency in handling the swine flu cases showed the stern leader he is when you don’t do your job right.

A Visionary leader

Keeping in view the expansion of Hyderabad, his Strategic Road Development Plan (SRDP) is a great example of his vision. Mission Bhageeradha, a project where he has promised to provide drinking water to every household seems like any leader’s promise, but he regards it as his pet project and is serious to fulfill unlike any leader. These are just to name a few apart from being invited by the Chinese Govt. and Singapore Govt. to speak on various platforms.

A Witty Speaker:

When KCR gives it back, he not only gives it hard, but he gives it right! Union Minister Jairam Ramesh once mentioned ‘Hyderabad ki biryani aur KCR ki jubani bahut mazedar hote hai’ (both Hyderabad biryani and KCR’s talks are very spicy).

Darling of the Masses:

His schemes – increasing pension to old age people and widows, Kalyana Lakshmi Scheme – a scheme for SC/ST girls who will be given a one-time financial assistance of Rs. 51,000 at the time of marriage and other such scheme have only got him closer to masses.

We wish him a very Happy Birthday!!

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