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A.R.Rahman’s directorial debut is a technological wonder!

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Maestro A.R.Rahman broke the barriers and stereotypes in composing music from his first film itself. He has changed the way people listen music and has always been innovating himself and made several path breaking attempts. He keeps learning and updating himself with the new arenas in art and technology. So, in his attempt to widen his approach and get into film making, he has again chosen an untaken path. Rahman is making his directorial debut with an international film “Le Musk”, which has been made using Virtual Reality technique. Yes, he is making World’s first virtual reality (VR), 3D stereoscopic, Multisensory episodic feature film.

Rahman said, “I just feel that you can do anything. You just have to delve into it; you just have to lean into it. It’s not that anything belongs to anyone. Anyone can become anything. You can see directors becoming composers and composers becoming directors. It’s just how sincere I am. I should not cheat. I should be honest to my job. I should excel in it. It goes for everyone,” as he addressed the media on Friday at the launch of Indian prelude of the movie.
This film is technologically supported by Intel, and the first prelude of the film was launched at NAB, Los Angeles at Intel-keynote on April 24th, after which it was launched in India yesterday at PVR ECX, Mall of India at Noida. “Filmmaking is a very tough job. It takes two years to direct a film and I didn’t have that much time. I love music and love making it. Doing ‘Le Musk’ didn’t seem like that much exhausting as I made it quickly. It was a 13-day schedule and I didn’t have to spend two years behind it. I tried VR first time in 2015 and found it very intriguing. And when my wife gave an idea to make a movie on perfumes, I had this idea of making it. Virtual Reality gives you a real experience. It feels like 70 per cent you are at the place that you are watching,” he added. Speaking on the occasion, Gautam Dutta, CEO, PVR Ltd, said: “It was Rahman, who got us on the path of launching VR in India. It was 18 months back when we met him. This technology is here to stay.”Rahman said after Le Musk, he has already started planning for his second film. “The next one is even more exciting. It’s based on Indian culture and it will explore the various dance forms here,” Rahman said.

‘Le Musk’ means ‘The Scent’, and as the title suggests, the movie is based on scent and the protagonist is reportedly lost in the essence of the fragrance that has taken over her thoughts. To give this experience, of scent, motion, spatial sound and visuals amalgamated together to give the viewer a stereo smoky effect on the Voyager chair, specially designed by Postiron. And this, cannot be made by a regular film maker but someone who is intellectually weird, that’s exactly what this Mozart of Madras is. The movie is about a part-time musician named Juliet from Rome, who happens to be an orphaned heiress. She is chasing her dream of becoming a great musician; however, her life comes to a halt when an anonymous letter brings back her past.

Written, directed and scored by AR. Rahman, the film stars Nora Arnezeder, Guy Burnet, MunirihJahanpour and Mariam Zohrabyan in lead roles.The film is produced under YM Production banner in association with PVR and Intel.

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