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4 Refreshing Summer Drinks To Battle The Heat


Summer is here, and it seems like it’s hotter than ever, with the pandemic going on, you’re stuck in the house, battling the tremendous heat, but the best part of summer is sipping a delicious drink, while you imagine that you’re on some beach, chilling, though that might not be possible right now, there are several drinks that you can easily make, these drinks are extremely refreshing and might bring you a moment of happiness, in this article, we will be taking a look at 4 pleasant drinks that you can prepare at home


1 Refreshing Summer DrinksLemonade just might be the most popular summer drink in the world, not only does it bring back childhood memories, it is a delicious drink that is quite healthy too, also lemonade can be prepared by anyone, that’s the beauty of the drink, if you are looking for a healthier version of the drink, skip the salt and add salt and water instead, but if you’re looking for the true childhood experience, you’ll have to gain a few extra calories and make the sweet old good lemonade with sugar syrup.

Watermelon Lemonade

One of the favourite summer drinks that you can make at home is the watermelon lemonade, the combination of lemon and watermelon is just magical, it super simple to make, and is perfect for the summer, also watermelon is a remarkably healthy fruit, with various health benefits. So go on and try this magnificent drink.


Buttermilk should be named the national drink of India, made with curd and water, buttermilk is a popular drink all over India, though there are numerous variations of the drink, making it is fairly simple, also buttermilk is a cooling drink that aids digestion, and as it is made from curd, it is extremely healthy.

Pudina water

Pudina water is another healthy refreshing drink that you should try, mint has long been used for medicinal purposes thanks it to remarkable anti-bacterial properties, pudina water offers several health benefits such as better digestion, weight loss and healthier skin, it also detoxifies the body and can help in reducing stress.

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