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10 Scientific Approaches To Interesting Hindu Customs


By Shreya Oruganti

We often wonder why certain Hindu customs were created in the first place. We unfortunately come across criticisms against the rituals and traditions that women have to go through, most often calling them baseless and impractical. But what if you were told that every ritual or tradition that a woman is made to go through before or after marriage has actual scientific evidence of well being? What if you were told that the baseless Hindu rituals actually had logical scientific significance towards them?

Here is a scientific view of the top 10 Hindu customs that women follow.



Mehendi is not just a beautiful design or a temporary tattoo that women are made to put; it goes much more than that. Henna is the leaf that goes into the making of Mehendi. Fresh paste made from Henna leaves applied on to the skin has medicinal benefits such as reducing fever, healing wounds, and curing arthritic and rheumatic pains. It also cures headaches, detoxifies the body, helps maintain healthy nails, cures sleep disorders, and cools the body. So the next time you put on some amazingly gorgeous Mehendi, you’ll know it’s more than just a ‘pretty design’.


Who knew that ear rings are more than just little pieces of jewellery? When worn, ear rings create an acupuncture effect on the entire body which is beneficial for one’s health. Ear rings are also used to treat menstrual problems, obesity, hysteria, and help maintain the flow of electric current in the human body.


A nose ring placed on the left nostril activates certain nerves present which are associated with the female reproductive organs resulting in easy childbirth. It is also said to reduce pain during menstrual cycles. It is also said to be a breath reguliser and helps in eliminating the poison while exhaling carbon dioxide.


The Managalsutra is mostly made of pure gold used to mark the identity of a married woman and is spiritually said to protect the husband from any life risks. But scientifically speaking a Mangalsutra does more than protect a man from risks. It improves the blood circulation, keeps the body pressure in maximum control, helps the woman maintain a healthy heart and protects the breasts from various diseases.


Anklets are mostly made of silver and make rhythmic sounds while walking. Anklets conserve the energy that is generated in one’s body. All the energy that flows down your body is re-vibrated back preventing its wastage. They apply pressure points in particular areas of the feet which are used in acupressure therapy to treat fertility related problems.


Indian women wear toe ring made of silver on the second toe which consists of a nerve that connects the uterus to the heart to keep it constantly massaged. Toe ring helps in treating gynecological problems and keeping the reproductive system healthy and balanced. Silver, being a good conductor of electricity tends to absorb the polar energy from the earth into the body refreshing the entire body system.


Maang Tika is said to be one of the most beautiful ornaments adorned by Indian women. It covers the center of the forehead which represents the third eye where the ability to control ones emotion lies and is said to control the heat of our body.


Armlet other than a fashion accessory actually has a scientific significance. Armlet is a metal usually in gold, silver, diamond or pearl worn around the biceps or upper arm which improves blood circulation and creates resistance which makes your arm feel comfortable.


Bindis are red dots worn on the forehead between the eyebrows as a form of a Hindu custom and sometimes a body decoration. But what makes it more than just a custom is its scientific health benefits. The Bindi helps in keeping one calm, away from anxiety, prevents and gets rid of headaches, provides relief from sinusitis, helps skin look more healthy, keeps ears healthy, helps you sleep better, and gets rid of wrinkles.


Bangles are one of the prettiest ornaments that a woman wears, however it is said that bangles are more than just pretty or a part of a Hindu custom. Scientifically speaking, bangles are mostly made out of gold and silver which provide tremendous energy to women. With the bangles clanking against each other, their metal properties enter the skin which help in strengthening the bones of the hand and prevents from increasing the blood pressure.

So the next time you disregard a Hindu custom calling it impractical, think again. You might just be terribly wrong.

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