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Shah Rukh Khan Speaks About Playing SRK And His Fan….Excerpts Of His Interview..!


With Jabraa Fan officially hitting the most viewed trailer of all time, the anticipation has reached sky high, on what is touted to be the biggest psychological drama SRK has ever attempted. YRF and Maneesh Sharma have ensured that the two charecters are as distinctly composed as possible and there in, within the character dynamics, is where the movie’s biggest strength lies, as validated by the tremendous response to the trailer.

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Posted by FAN on Monday, April 11, 2016

Shah Rukh Khan got talking to media about the film and here is what he had to say about it :

Definition of Fan..?
Someone who loves you unconditionally. We are loved by our friends, families, but sometimes certain conditions, judgment comes..in my opinion a Fan doesn’t come with any such conditions, a fan loves his/her idol in whatever they do. Even if an idol does something wrong, a Fan will justify and defend the idol. It cannot be called obsession but it may seem like an obsession to others.

Reaction and reason for casting Shah Rukh Khan in and as FAN..?
Terrific concept and we wanted someone who has a journey to be followed by a fan who is much younger than his idol. I have a 20+ year journey in Bollywood and Maneesh is from Delhi so he wanted to cast me in the film. It could have been done by any newcomers but then everything would have to be recreated. It became authentic by casting me as myself and archives are available, so no need to establish the idol. We wanted the fan should have shades of his idol but should not be completely identical in looks. The idea of FAN having a glimpse of his idol in his appearance had a depth and the edge which makes FAN unique.

The preparations which went into it..?
For the first time prosthetic has been used to make a person look younger. Previously it was used to make the character look old (for example, recently Rishi Kapoor in KAPOOR AND SONS). Interestingly, even though when an actor has played the character of a child like Mr. Amitabh Bachchan in PAA, Brad Pitt in THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON, prosthetic has been used to make them look old or in case of Robin Williams (Mrs. DOUBTFIRE) and Kamal Hassan (CHACHI 420), they were used to make man into a woman.

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan on his FAN Gaurav
It’s a character created by a team of people. Maneesh Sharma’s vision, Aditya Chopra’s confidence, The brilliant VFX, costumes and makeup, people’s inputs and Shah Rukh Khan’s enthusiasm to make SRK not look like Shah Rukh Khan.. so unique.. completely different. A different personality, experience all together.

What was easier playing a FAN or yourself?
As an actor you cannot play yourself, it’s too personal.. if I remove the vfx and make up part then playing Gaurav was more enjoyable and it was much easier. I am very boy like still at the age of 50, not that muscular, macho type. So I gave it a different body language, pumped in extra energy and tried my maximum to make Gaurav look different.

People say it’s challenging for an actor to play older roles
It is a bigger challenge but personally as I said, I am very boy like by my mindset. It was so awkward during VEER – ZAARA to call Rani Mukerji as ‘beti’. I was at ease playing Gaurav and it was much fun.

Well it seems superstar Aryan Khanna is awed by playing his FAN Gaurav Chandana, making the world of SRKians excited and raving for more this Friday..


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