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The Other Side of Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone is among the most famous Indians today, and the most searched Indian on the web.

However, apart from her career in the adult entertainment industry, Sunny Leone has become a household name thanks to her newfound career in films and item numbers. But there is another side of Sunny Leone.

One that is known to the world as much as her glamorous side. These points will show you the other side of Sunny Leone.

  1. Sunny Leone is in a happy, loving marriage.

Sunny Leone married Daniel Weber in the year 2011. Since then, they share a happy, loving marriage. Daniel also acts as her manager and the two are seen at parties and social gatherings together. From her Twitter and Instagram accounts, it is clear that Sunny Leone is in a very stable, happy marriage right now.

  1. Support to charities and organizations.

Throughout her career, Sunny Leone has been a vocal activist for many organizations and charities. Primary among them are the American Cancer Society and PETA – People for Ethical Treatment of Animals. She has run marathons, raised funds, and generated awareness for other charitable organizations. According to media reports, during the shoot of an item number, there were a few kids loitering around the sets. Sunny refused to shoot the song in their presence since some parts of the song were objectionable for children. She only agreed to shoot after the children had left. This shows that she has a sense of ethics as well!

  1. Adopting schools

Sunny Leone has adopted a school in Mumbai and has been regularly checking up on the progress of the school and the requirements of the children studying in the school. The school has more than 300 students and Sunny Leone’s contributions have resulted in the children being given amenities that they otherwise wouldn’t have access to.

4. Sunny Leone loves to cook

Contrary to her image in the media, Sunny Leone loves to spend a quiet day at home with her husband, cooking and having fun. Hailing from a Punjabi family, it is but natural that food will be an integral part of her life. Sunny Leone has revealed in an interview – “I cook a lot. I cook all the unhealthy food at home. When Daniel and I are at home, we enjoy cooking together. Our favourite is the morning time when we can cook together and eat breakfast when it’s nice and quiet. That’s our time when it’s just him and me and we sip our coffee and so it’s our favourite meal of the day.”

  1. Handles controversies with grace

From the time Sunny Leone has set foot in India, she has been subjected to intense media pressure from all directions. There were protests, and petitions were filed in high courts, demanding that she leave the country due to her work as a star.

However, Sunny Leone has handled it all with grace and poise, never once lashing out, losing cool, or creating a ruckus. She has proven that she is more socially aware and dignified than our major Bollywood stars who keep raking up one unnecessary issue after the other.