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Abandoned By Husband & Family at The Age of 18, Single Mom Became Police SI After 14 Yrs of Struggle


Annie Siva is a proud Sub-Inspector of Police at Kerala’s Varkala police station. But what is remarkable is that Annie, 31, who joined the Kerala Police as a Sub Inspector on June 25, was, ten years ago, selling ice cream, candies and lemonade for a living at the same place near the Sivagiri Mutt.

The Story Of Annie Shiva

At the age of 18, she left her home and married her college mate. But two years later, when her son was born, her husband abandoned them both, and she with her six-month-old boy Sivasurya, had to fight her life alone.

Her family did not let her back, but her grandmother allowed them to stay with her. From then on she did all sorts of jobs, starting off her career by selling soap and detergent powder door to door. Then she turned to become an insurance agent, delivered groceries in a two-wheeler in the households, and did many other jobs for her, and her son’s survival.

“Some days, even getting a single meal a day seemed like a luxury. I’ve helplessly watched my son cry out of hunger and go to sleep,” she says.

Along with working, she, studying privately, completed her graduation in Sociology and joined a training institute for the Kerala State Public Service Commission at Thiruvananthapuram in 2014, cracked the police constable examination in 2016 and joined service. She appeared for the officers exam in 2019, cracked it and after training for one and half years is now a Sub Inspector of Police.

“My father always wanted me to be an IPS officer and when a relative told me about this exam, it seemed like life had given me another chance. I quit work to concentrate fully on preparing for the tests. I took a one month long crash course and studied for over 20 hours a day. Finally, in 2014, I gave the two exams,” says Annie

Appointed as a constable in 2016, she continued working in that position for almost three years, before the opportunity of becoming an SI came knocking at her door again. This time, too, Annie left no stone unturned to prepare and was finally posted as a sub-inspector in the Varkala police station on June 25, 2021.

Annie said: “Ten years before I was selling icecream, candies, and lemonade, and now I am the Sub Inspector at the same place. What more revenge can I take against my yesterdays.”

Annie Siva’s story is one of inspiration, adventure, determination and willpower.

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