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Something about the stunt man who won hearts of lots of people, Peter Hein

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Peter Hein is the hero behind all the massive action scenes that happen in south Indian films! He was born in Karaikal to Vietnamese immigrants and settled down in Chennai. He started his career as an extra fighter and assistant fight master for many Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam films.

Krishna Vamsi, a Telugu film director (one-time assistant to Ram Gopal Varma recognized his sincerity and dedication and offered him the chance to direct the action sequences for the film Murari. Ram Gopal Varma introduced him to Bollywood with the film James. Mani Ratnam was very much impressed with his work in films like Athadu, Anniyan and Sivaji and enrolled him to direct the stunt sequences for the film Raavan.

This man is very strict when it comes to work and is very straight forward. He looks forward for extreme attention and care. He had a dedication as strong as a lion. It proved when he went to the sets of Enthiran on a wheel-chair having suffered as many as 18 fractures while doing a stunt for around 20 days in 2009. He also gave cameo appearances in Tamil and Malayalam films. He also got nominated for the noted Taurus World Stunt Award. He won international recognition for South Indian Blockbusters like Magadheera, Enthiran, Raavan and others. He received a Filmfare best action award for his work in the hindi version of Ghajini. He got nominated and also won many awards for his brave and breath-taking stunts.

Some of his famous movies in Telugu include:

1. Murari
2. Varsham
3. Gharshana4. Athadu5. Chatrapathi6. Magadheera7. Maryada Ramanna
8. Khaleja9. Badrinath10. 1 Nenokkadine11. Bahubali12. Rudramadevi

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