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10 South Indian Temples & Their Incredible Architecture Which Will Leave You Speechless

South India lo tourism spots ki koduva ledu….hill stations, cascade waterfalls, adventurous tourist spots nundi historical places varaku enno unnayi. Aithe indulo mana south temples ki unna importance, attention and incredible ancient history and incredible architecture ki Worldwide oka attention undi.

South India lo unna konni ancient temples and architecture work ki mana Indians eh kadu world lo different countries nundi tourists vacchi chsutuntaru. Mari Southlo untu mana telugu states lo and other south states lo unna aa temples ento..indulo meeru enni chusaro once chuseddama…

1. Hampi – Karnataka – 370 Kms from Hyderabad

VijayanagaraEmpire lo construct chesina one of the best ancient and amazing temples with incredible architecture. 14th century lo bellary rocks ni editc chesi construct chesina ee temple architecture chala unique and incredible ga untundi.

UNESCO World heritage site ga Hampi group of temples ki recognise chesindi.

2. Thanjavur – Tamil Nadu – 920 Kms from Hyderabad

11th century lo Cholas time lo construct Thanjavur lo Cholas almost 1000+ temples ni kattincharu. 2010 lo 100 years complete chesukunna ee temples ki UNESCo World Heritage sites lo okati ga gurthinchindi.

3. Lepakshi (Veerabhadra Temple) – Andhra Pradesh – 480 Kms from Hyderabad

Andhra Pradesh loni Hindupur daggara unna Lepakshi ni Vijayanagara Empire lo construct chesaru. Telugu inscriptions tho cultural & pilgrimage place ga construct chesina Lepakshi lo Veera Bhadra temple undi.

4. Kanchipuram (Kanchi) – Tamil Nadu – 650 Kms from Hyderabad

One of the oldest pilgrimage cities in India….Cholas time lo capital ga unna Kancheepuram ni 300 BC lo construct chesaru.

5. Pattadakal – Karnataka – 400 Kms from Hyderabad

North Karnataka lo Bagalkot district lo 7th and 8th century lo construct chesina ee Jain temples ni UNESCO World Heritage site ga gurthinchindi.

6. Aihole – Karnataka – 390 Kms from Hyderabad

6th -12th century madhyalo North Karnataka lo Buddist, Jains time lo construct chesaru ane cheppe temple kiki ancient temple ga ASI survey lo monuments ga unnayi.

7. Yaganti – Andhra Pradesh – 311 Kms from Hyderabad

15th Century lo Harihara Bukka Raya….ane Vijayanagara ruler constructed chesina ee temple caves madhyalo vaishnavite traditions follow avthu construct chesaru.

8. Pudukkottai – Tamil Nadu – 960 Kms from Hyderabad

Tamil Nadu lo unna beautiful temples lo idi okkati….16th century lo Ragunathan Sethupathi… Pudukottai lo group of temples ni kattincharu.

9. Thousand Pillar Temple – Warangal – 146 Kms from Hyderabad

Ika Kakatiya rulers nirminchina mana Thousand Pillar Temple gurinchi entha cheppina takkuve….11th century lo Ganapati Deva kattinchina ee temple ki UNESCO World Heritage Site ga gurthinchindi.

10. Madurai – Chennai – 1000 Kms from Hyderabad

Last but not the least….epic and historic Madurai Meenakshi temple is located in the heart of Madurai city in Tamil Nadu. 11th century madhya kattinattu ga dates unna ee temple the must wonder temple in South India.


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