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Special things on the very special Ninne Pelladtha for completing 20 Special Years

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Oct 4th,1996, 20 years ago Ninne Pelladtha got released. This film remains as one of the most romantic film on cards till date. From Nagarjuna’s hairstyle to Tabu’s ‘Pandu’ this movie makes its mark in everything it has. Be it nagarjuna’s hairstyle, tabu’s cuteness, lovely music, sentiment, family and even entertainment, this film has set its foot permanent in the hearts of everyone who watched this movie.

Some facts about the cast and the movie.

1. 20 years and the movie is still afresh.

2. Tabu’s original name is Tabassum Hassmi

3. Tabu was just 10 years old when she made her first screen appearance. She made a small appearance in Bollywood film Bazaar.

4. Ninne Pelladtha had a 100 day run at 38 theatres.

5. It had a direct silver jubiliee run in Hyderabad, Vizag and Vijaywada.

6. Ninne Pelladtha had surpassed all previous records by collecting a gross of Rs. 59,42,224 in vijaywada in its total run of 188 days.

7. It is the first film to collect a gross of 1 crore rupees in twin cities.

8. Ravi Teja was one of the assistant directors for this film.

9. This being the most interesting news. Plans are that there is a remake for this movie starring Naga Chaitanya and Nagarjuna will be playing the character of hero’s father. If plans are set, this movie will go on sets. We are waiting for this!!

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