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Strategies To Support Your Employees Through The Pandemic


Although Leaders and Managers are a perpetual force, there is a sudden spotlight on their actions in times of crisis. Especially, in the case of Leaders, the followers and public reckon a course of action from them. They are scrutinized closely and worshipped like enigmas. COVID-19 affected the entire world indisputably.

Organizations and Governments alike are taking measures to tackle the crisis. Efficient managerial skills and an efficient manager is integral to a company. There has been an increased emphasis on leadership based on inspiration and influence. This is an important factor to consider when we are faced with situations that demand quick action in an orderly way.

There have been many discussions around leadership being considered above managerial efficiency. Leadership and Managerial efficiency are being looked at two different components that are different in its execution.

1 1The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) views COVID 19 as the greatest health crisis of the time due to its propensity. They also consider it as “the greatest challenge since World War II” (Coronavirus disease COVID-19 pandemic,2020). This has escalated into a socio-economic crisis that affected all continents except Antarctica. UNDP unanimously calls out for human solidarity and leadership to tackle the crisis.

The factor to consider is that each person needs to come together and leadership is an influential force which brings their followers together. “Leadership is the art of influencing others to their maximum performance to accomplish any task, objective or project. The situation demands each manager to be a leader and each leader to carry out managerial functions as well as leading functions.

Another major aspect is leaderism. Leaderism is the phenomenon where a leader is seen as the saviour and an indisputable leader. The word originates from Russian political philosophy-Vozhdism- the affirmation of one person as an infallible leader. Leaderism slows down the response rates of the followers due to their extreme faith in their leader. This also prevents carrying out of managerial activities as leaders are the one who is chosen over managers.

In a time bound crisis like COVID-19, it is imperative that measures should be carried out in an organized and efficient manner with clear directions. Therefore, a leader should be adept in managerial activities. Leaderism favours inspirational, motivational and visionary sides of leaders and does not take into consideration their managerial skills. This could inversely create a chaotic situation fuelled by faith and disorganised measures. Leaderism also propels followers to one specific leader.

In the political context of India, this can be extremely challenging due to various political struggles that influence the masses. Like each different emergency, it has turned the focus on pioneers at each level, sending purveyors and buyers of initiative into overdrive. We pine for and investigate nation pioneers’ talks and decisions in open scenes and in private discussions. We conjure recognizable pictures of initiative in emergency—the general, the perseverance competitor, the farsighted prophet. However, a general wellbeing emergency isn’t a war or a race. It doesn’t take a lot of vision.

It takes strong exploration, nitty gritty getting sorted out, and consistent consideration. As such, the stuff of able and empathetic administration. This isn’t an emergency we will be driven out of. It is an emergency we have to oversee through, for quite a while. The emergency additionally uncovers that leaderism isn’t simply beguiling, similar to a fake treatment fix. It may very well be destructive. Furthermore, it hurts the individuals who guarantee administration as much as it hurts the individuals who long for it. Leaderism hurts by advancing two thoughts.

The first is that authority is a successful impact. Or on the other hand put another way, on the off chance that you get your direction, potentially in style, at that point you are a pioneer and you have the right to be in control. That just stirs narcissism. The second is that pioneers disturb organizations. That admonishes disturbance, in any event, when organizations may merit safeguarding.

As an initiative, we have not taken lightly the earnestness of the emergency or the individual dangers that we as a whole need to take to react effectively. Doctors and clinical groups are placing themselves at risk and there was a style of explicitly appreciating and acknowledging their boldness and sacrifices in open gatherings. In particular, week after week organization meetings.

We have been straightforward in saying that, regardless of whether the system executes impeccably, people will become ill, and a considerable lot of us will lose individuals we love. Leadership and managers have to discuss the way that there will never be actually any assurance of staying sound.

We are each given the day before us and we can choose whether or not we make ourselves helpful to individuals. While leadership called upon everybody to venture up and put their abilities to utilize Managers assured that the system executed itself. As we’ve reacted to the emergency, doctors on the forefront have introduced accounts of how we’ve helped our individuals to the organization with the goal that everybody can see the effect we’re having.

We double assured trust and trusted on team dynamic. While managers asked their teams to settle on the best choices they could with the data that they had accessible at that point. Their foresightedness asked the team mates to signal these zones of vulnerability so that they can address the circumstance automatically later on. This has permitted groups to react deftly as unexpected circumstances emerge. The most unmistakable pioneers and leaders on the planet are battling to respond correctly to the coronavirus. All in whale leadership has been about holding the group together and acknowledging the efforts.

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