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Strongest Female leads in our movies in recent times


Mana cinemallo ekkuva importance eppudu hero ke. . Strong characterization eppudu hero de. Adi heroine oriented cinema ayithey thappa heroine characterization strong undadu.Kaani ee madya vasthunna cinemallo ee situation maarindi Female leads characters kuda hero ki equal ga strong ga untunnayi.Performance chese avakasam kuda aa characters chese vallaki dorukuthundi. So ala strong characterization+awesome performance tho vachina konni female lead roles ivi:

1.Preethy Shetty-Shalini Pandey-Arjun Reddy:
Preethy role cinema mottam entha silent ga unnappatiki Shalini aa situations lo kuda thana eyes tho and body language thi ne act chesi pichi ekkinchindi.Inka Arjun ni convince chese and climax scene lo aa character ela evolve ayindo chusthey ardam avthundi Preethy entha well written and strong character ani.

2.Bhanumathi-Sai Pallavi-Fidaa:
Bhanumathi . . Okkate piece Hybrid Pilla! antu Sai pallavi chinchesindi Fidaa cinemalo.Bhanumathi character entha allari pillala kanipinchina chaala places lo anthey strong.The way she takes care of her father and she helping him in agriculture and Varun emanna antey padakunda she gives it back to him.

3.Pallavi-Nivetha Thomas-Ninnu Kori:
Ninnu Kori movie is something very different from normal movies.An unusual climax and the acting of the lead actors is gripping and so is Pallavi’s character.Nani character entha convince cheyyali ani try chesina thanu convince avvakunda she proves him that she is happy with her husband and wants to be with him ani strong ga telchesthundi.

4.Devasena-Anushka Shetty-Bahubali 1&2:
The way Devasena stands up for what is correct and how she never goes back from telling what is wrong shows her how strong the character is! Sivagami ki tirigi letter raasina thana moham meede samadhanam cheppina adi Devasena ke possible ayndi.Inka Anushka acting took this character to a different level.

5.Catherine-Nivetha Thomas-Gentleman:
Nivetha chesina cinema renditlo chaala strong characters ne chesindi.Gentleman cinema lo thanu chesina Catherine character thana lover ela chanipoyadu or evaranna champesara ani she starts investigating.Jai character nundi threat unna she doesnt stop doing that and fights for her love.

6.Chitra-Ritu Varma-Pellichoopulu:
Strong anna word ki definition la untadi ee character.The way she fights with her father for doing what she wants and Prasanth character ni how she keeps in track and how she starts the business she wanted shows how strong is her character.Ritu Varma acting ki Filmfare vachindantene ardam cheskovachu thanu entha baaga chesindi ani.

So idi ilage continue avvali ani inka ilanti strong female leads tho cinemalu ravali.

Please comment if we have missed out on any!

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