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Struggles of being a hyper active person


Hyper-active ga unde manushulu eppudu josh lo untaaru, valu undadame kaadu, vala chutu unna janalani eppudu sathayisthu untaaru. you are always seen jumping with excitement .
Here are the few struggles every hyper-active person will face :
1.You can never hide your excitement : Meeru eppudu full off energy tho untaaru, meeru oka happy person , eppudu mee surroundings ni entertainhyper active

2.You are enthusiastic for everything : Em cheyalana, you are always up for it, You are there in every plan. 3.You cannot sleep on time : People expect you to behave like a normal person, meeru eppudu time ki padukoleru,it is just impossible.4.You are physically tired but not mentally : Mee mind ki kaani legs unte, asalu parigetadam agakpotunde. 5.You are always expressive: Mee mind or heart lo em undho, that can be clearly seen on your face. Meeru edhi unna , mokam meedha chepestharu.6.People get annoyed, and tell you to shut up : Mimalni constant ga andharu, calm avamantaru, they can’t get the fact about you being always energetic 7.You are the motivation for people around you who are down : Meeru eppudu positive gaane untaaru , andhani motivate chesthu you will try them to become normal8.You love trying new things : Meeku new things try cheyadam chaala ishtam, oka place lo still ga kurcholeru9.Your energy is infectious : Mee energy mee pakana valani 10 times more happy chestadi, Automativ ga pakana vaalu kuda energetic aypothaaru.
At the end of the day, life lo excited untene anni interesting ga anpistayi.

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