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Let’s Take A Look At All The Major Events That Took Place Around The World This Year

2020 rewind

Corona vaccine kuda vachesindi antha normal avuthundi le ani anukune lopale malli new strain of corona virus antu news lu, ilantivi vinnaka malli yekkada antha shut down aipothundi emo ani bhayam, hope ee kotha strain of Corona spread kaakudadu. And ee year corona tho paatu chala jarigeyi literally we can say ‘2020 is the worst and weird year in the history of earth’ ani. So as 2020 is coming to an end we present you all the major events that took place around the world, take a look.

1) Corona Virus Pandemic

January lo WHO Corona Virus gurinchi news release chesindi but the world reacted lately and this virus has took 17 Lakh Lives so far.

2) Australia Bushfires

Bayakaramaina Temperatures, and worst drought karanamga ee Bushfires chelaregeyi Australia lo, so many animals lost lives and the forest was devastated.

3) US Presidential Elections

Joe Biden defeated Trump mama to become the 46th president of US

4) Black Lives Matter

The brutal killing of George Floyd created a revolution all over the world demanding an end to police brutality and racial injustice

5) Stock Market Crash

Due to this pandemic, a devastating global recession has occurred

6) Negative Turns In Oil Price

For the first time in history, US oil prices has turned negative

7) Locust Attack

Locust Attacks in India and Pakistan and destroyed so many crops

8) Beirut Explosion

This explosion had took 100 lives and injured more than 4,000 people

9) Elon Musk Made History

Elon Musk’s Space X has made history by launching the 1st ever crewed space mission by a private company

10) Biggest Astronomical Discovery Of The Decade

NASA discovered the presence of water on Moon

11) Finally, Corona Vaccine

Final ga Corona Virus ki vaccine market loki vachestunnai hope everything and everyone is going to be well

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