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Taurus PPL, These Things About Your Zodiac Sign Will Make You Say ‘Memu Thopu Dammunte Aapu’


The second Zodiac Sign ‘Taurus’ people are quite graceful, stubborn and bull headed. These Zodiac Sign people are  great listeners and highly dependable. This zodiac sign is governed to the people who are born from about April 20 to May 20th. Okavela meelo evaraina or mee friends evarian falls between these dates and are Taurus, aithe,miru e article chadavalsindhe to get yourself or know them better.

1. Taurus is the only sign that has mastered being shy and loud at the same time 

Zodiac Sign lo evaraina silent ga and at the same time gattigga maatladthuru ante, Taurus ane cheppali, e raasi vaaru e rendu vishayalo assalu thaggaru.

2. Taurus people are naturally introverted and selectively extroverted

Taurus vaalani chala mandhi thappuga ardham chesukuntaru for hardly talking to anyone. But these people are loud and outgoing only around the ones they are comfortable with while the rest they are extremely introverted.

3. Taurus loves to make everybody laugh 

Taurus vaalaki navvinchadam and navvadam ante chala istam. Okaru navvuthunnaru ante, they are overwhelmed and want to make them laugh even more.

4. A Taurus speaks two things: Sarcasm and Realness 

Sarcasm veelaki peaks lo untundhi, situation doesn’t matter, they either speak straight sarcasm or realness.

5. 3 Things Taurus are good at 

Eating, Going to bed late, being single – Taurus ki ishtamaina moodu panulu – Thinadam, Nidra and not being in any relationship.

6. Taurus is one of the Zodiac Signs with a Great Sense of Humor 

Veela sense of humor ki vere level lo untundhi.

7. Taurus people listen to the same song on repeat for the 100th time

Oka paata veelaki nacchindhi ante, konni nelala varaku vintune untaru loop mode, they are song lovers with a great playlist.

8. Taurus people are great overthinkers 

Ah roju, nenu thanani emanna? Ilanti chinna vishayalu that has happened long ago makes them overthink.

9. Taurus polite talk is often mistaken for flirting 

Zodiac Sign Taurus n janaalu eppudu thappuga ardham chesukuntaru, veelu maatlade ratidhi maata sweet and polite ga unte, janaalu flirt chestunnaru ani anukunturau.

10. Taurus people are either too direct or don’t express their emotions at all 

Chepthe direct lekapothe evar nuvvu, naku em sambandham ledhu ane rakam veelu.

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