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Telugu songs for Virat Kohli

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Virat Kohli is an inspirational sportsman. The records he hold are so many and so big! Many believe that he is one such cricketer who is capable of reaching or beating Sachin Tendulkar.
Athani kottudu, hittudu and style everything are so near to mana Telugu songs… this is our take on it. Comment and let us know your takes on the same!

1. Virat ground meeda digitheeeee……
Kodithe Kottali ra 6 kottali…aadithe aadali ra rough aadali..(Tagore)

2. Virat match aadakapothe…
Udayinchina Suryudunadiga.. (Kalusukovalani)

3. Century kodithee…
Block Buster blockbustereee..ne cheyyesthe ni life blockbustereee..(Sarainodu)

4. When Cricket and style combine…
Rough aade vayasu maadi look esthe fire roo… (Bunny)

5. For all the struggle he faced to be where he is now…
Jeevitham ante poratam (Narasimha)

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