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10 Annoying Things All Girls Who Have Long Hair Can Relate To


You only see the hair, you don’t see the maintenance..Long hair ammayilu commonga cheppe dialogue idhi.. Asalu nijam ga vaallaki antha kastham ento chuseddam…..

1. Hair wash

1.Hair wash

2. Detangling hair

Kottha hairstyles try chesetappudu bane untadh, kaani aa tarvaate mana hair will give up on us. Aa hair detangle chesetappudu rakta kannere manaki.

3. Hairfall

Idhi andari common problem aina, veella harifall konchem next level lo untadhi. Hair on the pillow, hair on the floor, hair in the bathroom. .. mana tala meeda thappa anni chotla aa juttu untadhi.

4. Messy buns

Getting that perfect messy bun is almost an impossible task for us.

5. Drying hair

6.People sitting on their hair.

7. Getting stuck

Veella hair lo pen cap daggara nunchi seat belt varaku anni virukunte untaayi..

8. Clips and bands get broken easily

9. While eating food…

Food tinetappudu hair tie chesukokapothe, inka anthe….

10. Shampoo and conditioner getting over

Konna week ke anni aypotaayi. Veellu hair wash cheyyalante sachets chaaladhu, bottle undaalsindhe..

Tag your long hair friends in the comments section, and let us know the thing that you most related to..

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