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Things people who have ever lived in a PG are totally relate to


Mana life lone biggest step enti antey, parents ki dooram ga vere place ki either studies or job kosam veldam, ala velinapudu chala mandi hostels kante paying guest accomidation ki ekuva preference istaru. Enduante koncham intlo unna feeling untundani. But kaani PG accomination andaru anukunatu undadu and adi only experience ayina vallaki matrame telustundi. So, check out this article to about those things:

1.A PG aunty metho okoksari me mom laga behave chestu untaru annamata, which is so irritating. PG2.But one of the biggest advantage enti antey, epudu wadrobe confusion undadu, you can ask your roommate choice and also sometimes, you even borrow the perfect outfit from them. 3.They won’t let you do follow your diet. Me intlo aitey, you can eat whatever you want, but akda ala kadu kada. Meku kavalsinatu vallu food vandaru, chala adjust avalsi vastadi. 4.Intlo laga, your mom won’t fill up the fridge with all your favorite items. You need to buy them. You also know someone’s gonna go broke and and eat it all up.5.Meru epudanna me friends ni who belong to opposite-sex invite chestey, vallu inka CID officers apotaru. Questions meda questions. 6.Meru okkale undaru and you are not going to have separate bathroom kabati, you will become master in waking up early in the morning at least for a bathroom. 7.You will find someone to talk always. Endukante you are no more alone. 8.At one point, you emotionally attached to these people.

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