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Things you will relate to only if you are short


Short people are cute ani antaaru. But if you are short “nenu tall ga endhuku lenu” ani anukuntaru. Short people, chala problems face chestharu. If you are short you will definitely relate to the situations below.

Tall friends use you as an armrestshortMee tall friends andharu mee head meedha vaalla hands rest chestharu. Trust me, dheeni kante annoying inka edhi undadhu.

On your toes for pics100% mana andharu friends tall untaaru. Vaalla toh pic dhigadamu oka peddha task eh. Pic dhigutunnapudu vaallu bend chesi inka manamu toes meedha nilchunte kaani photo raadhu.

Ankle length=Normal length; Crop tops= Normal topsEnno cute crop tops inka ankle length pants nacchi kontaamu, kaani ivi anni short people kosamu kaadhu! Everything is too long for us. Normal tshirt konte, super long utundhi, inka crop top konte normal t-shirt la osthundhi.

Difficult to get into SUV’s and on bikesEtthu meedha unna cars lo ekkadamu chala difficult manaku. Jump chesthe kaani we can’t get into an SUV. Sports bike meedha ekkadaaniki kuda bike bend chesyalsi untadhi.

NicknamesManaku chala common nicknames untaayi. Friends “chotu”, “potti”, tiny” ani pilse untaaru.

Walking slowShort legs undadam valla fast ga nadvalemu. Tall friends pace of walking ni match avvadaaniki urkalsindhe.

Under AgeManamu entha age unna, thakuva age laage kanipisthamu. 21 above unna, pubs lo ID proof adguthaaru. 18 above unna license aduguthaaru. We look younger than our age to people.

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