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Things you will understand if you are a shopaholic


Shopping kondarki avasaram, kondarki istham, kondarki pichi! This type of madness is very important kondarki. Alanti vaallu these things ki definite ga link autharu!

1. Shopping is therapy for us. We go shopping for every little mood swing we get. Elanti mood sing ki elanti place ki shopping ki vellalo we know perfect ga.1-shopping

2. Shopping is the best weight loss programme for us. Koncham kuda aakali undadu and we are not at all in hurry when it comes to do shopping.

3. One trial is just not enough. Shop lo nachinavi trial chesi kontamu. And return intiki vachaka malli anni dresses trial chestham.

4. No matter how many times we go shop, we are out of dresses when it comes to any small occasion.

5. No confusion. Great combination. We and shopping are best friends.

6. Wallet is always full. Your money bag is always full pf receipts or membership cards.

7. Intlo andaru manalni mad people laaga chustharu each time we go out for shopping.

8. Eh shopping store ki vellina akada employees andaru gurthu padtharu ninnu and you are their favorite customer.

9. Online shopping tho mana shopping pichi double aipoindi. Manam entha orders ichamu ante we even forget what we have ordered till the package arrives.

10. Sale unte matram it is the best case scenario for us and we the most excited.

11. Birthdays or festivals unte we always have more than 5 new dresses.

12. Shoes konadam is also one of our checklists. Enti ante we have so many shoes that we fill up a room with so many shoe racks!!!

13. Shopping ekva cheyyadam eh kadu we also maintain our personality to always fit into those dresses.

14. Edi emaina shopping is an art. It is an art because we have to buy a new color, new design and new type of each kind of apparel. Entha kashtamo telusa!!!!

15. Manam movies chusedaniki one of the reasons is that we want to look at the costumes of the actors in the movie.

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