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This Story Of A Mother Who Disguised As Man For 30 Years For Her Daughter Is A Must Read


Society lo widow, divorced or single mother ga untu life ni lead cheydam anedi chala kastam. Western countries nundi India varaku idi chala kastam mana Indian lo aithe inka ekkuva. Oka single mother ga undadame kastam ante tanaki oka adapilla unte tanani penchi pedda cheyadam inka kastam.

1. Changed Gender, Identity & Disguised Herself As A Man For 30 Years

Ilanti kastalu ekkado face cheyalsi ostundi ane bhayam tho Tamil Nadu loni oka mother named S Petchiammal, disguised herself as a man for 30 years. Okati kadu rendu kadu 30 years ante half of the life tana identity, gender ni marchukuni ame ala cheyalsina avasaram em occhindi anduku reasons enti ante…

2. Married At The Age Of 20, Lost Husband After 15 Days Of Marriage:

S Petchiammal Hails from Kamanayakkanpatti village, was only 20 years old when she lost her husband just 15 days after the wedding to a heart attack.

3. But She Was Already Pregnant…When Her Husband Left Her In This Patriarchal Society

S Petchiammal Thought that that the villagers of Katunayakkanpatti were so patriarchal and to raise her daughter being a single parent was difficult. And she decided to disguise herself as a man to raise her daughter.

4. Not Just Villagers, She Found Difficult to Raise her daughter alone.

Construction sites, hotels and tea shops lo work chesthu unde Petchiammal chala suffer aindi after men harassed her mentally and physically.

5. Then she disguised as a man for 30 years – Only a few of her family members and her daughter knew this.

Tanu magadi laaga vesham marchukunna vishayam kondaru family members and tana daughter ki matrame telusu. Ala 30 years back man laga maarina S Petchiammal ippatiki alane undi.

6. Petchiammal’s daughter Shanmugasundari is now married and the family is doing well.

Male dominated society lo…enno hurdles face chesi, tana gender, identity marchukuni mari Daughter ni penchi peddha sahasam chesindi Petchiammal. Today her daughter is married and happy with her husband, says Petchiammal.

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