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What’s Up Panimanishi : A Bilingual Web series Which Is Really Entertaining & Engaging


Now that internet has taken over the world, Cinemalu Assalu saripovadam ledu mana janalaki. Konnallu Youtube lo vache comedy short films chusi enjoy chesaru, avi bore kottaka youtubers chese funny & relatable videos chusi entertain ayyaru.. ippatiki avtunnaru. Ayina kuda inka edo kavali vallaki, appude mana film makers Web-Series Ane Product ni Audience ki Introduce chesaru. In the recent times, web series has become the most trending thing in the digital entertainment.

Anduke Movie Stars kuda Web-Series Cheyadaniki interest chupistunnaru. Alagani anni web series success avvadam ledu. Anduke After an emotional web series “B Tech” For youth audience Zee5 is back with another interesting, Entertaining & Engaging Web-Series and that is “What’s up Panimanishi”. Rakendu Mouli & Dhanya Balakrishna Lead roles play chesina eh web-series is out on Zee5 App & Website and People are Enjoying the Series to the Core.

What's Up Panimanishi

And the Most Important thing is “What’s Up Panimanishi” Is the First Ever Bilingual Web Series Made in India. Ante ippativaraku Web Series anni Ithey Telugu lo Produce chesi Tamil & Hindi loki Dub chesaru. Kani for the first time, a web series has been shot in Telugu and Tamil.

What’s Up Panimanishi, which Consists of 12 Episodes, is like a Rollercoaster Ride of Emotions, Fun & Surprises. Nataraj Alias Nutty (Rakendi Mouli) is the Only Sweet son of his parents and Athaniki Manchi ammay ni chusi pelli cheyadame Vaalla Mother Lakshyam. Independent House lo Independent ga unde Nutty ki Thoduga Untundi Jessi (Dhanya Balakrishna). Ikkada Jessi Character manchi interesting annamata, she is the Trendy Maid for Nutty. This Maid uses the Technology for her work. She has her own app to interact with all her customers. And Ikkada Twist Entante..

This What’s Up Panimanishi has a Boyfriend, Kani Inka Love Accept Cheyaledu. So Nutty vaalla Mother & Jessi Kalisi Nutty Babuki Marriage Fix cheyalani chese Plans & vaati Execution Bhale funny ga untundi. Finally Nutty Meets his Best Half Laks Aka Lakshmi. Appativaraku Nutty & Jessi Maatrame unna ah Independent House loki Laks vachi join avutundi. Oh! Marchipoya we have another character in the home.. he is none other than neighbour Bye Aka Bhairava.

Veedu undedi Pakka Intlo kaani Eppudu chusina Nutty intlone untadu. Bhairava Chese Disturbance Nutty ki ela untundo teliyadu kaani.. Manaki Maatram bhale funny ga untundi.

This web-series is not just about comedy andoy.. Series lo Boledanni expect cheyaleni Twists & Turns chaala unnayi. Okkokka Character ki okkokka specification untundi. Janalu edo oka character ki connect ayipotaru. So, People Whenever you are free don’t miss this Trendy Panimanishi.

This weekend, binge watch all 12 episodes here:


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