Home Entertainment This Youtube Channel Is Like A God For Aspiring Filmmakers, Check It...

This Youtube Channel Is Like A God For Aspiring Filmmakers, Check It Out

This Youtube Channel Is Like A God For Aspiring Filmmakers, Check It Out

In Telugu states, almost every young guy dreams of becoming a filmmaker and making a movie. Only a few will make it. So many aspiring filmmakers lack direction on how to become a filmmaker. To become a filmmaker first we need to understand the grammar of cinema and we need to be better writers. Writing is not randomly putting some dialogues together, it should come from a deep place, it needs a structure, these are the things we mostly lack. We need to equip ourselves with these filmmaking tools in order to become filmmakers. Time may come later, until then, prepare yourself to become a better storyteller.

Today we present you Filmmaking Advice from the great filmmakers of all time.

1. 20 tips from Martin Scorsese

Write your screenplay in a way that the reader will always have an emotional connection to the protagonist.

2. 10 Screenwriting Tips from Quentin Tarantino on how he wrote Pulp Fiction and Inglourious Basterds

Take morality out of the question to have interesting characters.

3. Alfred Hitchcock Presents 10 Tips for Screenwriters and Directors

Make the audience scream and cry and they will come out of the theatre giggling. People go to the cinema to feel something

4. 10 Screenwriting Tips from James Cameron Masterclass on how he wrote Titanic and Avatar

Make your own luck. As a new director, working on other projects is not only more difficult, but ripe for mistakes and issues. So, write your own material and create your own films to more effectively build up your career and name in the industry.

5. 20 Screenwriting Tips from Paul Thomas Anderson

Writing can happen really fast if you’ve done your research about the setting, time and the characters.

6. 20 Screenwriting Tips from Christopher Nolan

Push the boundaries of filmmaking. Accept the fact that the art of cinema doesn’t have rules or limitations.

7. 20 Screenwriting Tips from Aaron Sorkin

To write a great villain, don’t think of them as a villain. Don’t judge the character, try and empathize with them.

8. 10 Tips from David Fincher on how he directed Fight Club and The Social Network

Write your screenplay as visually as possible so that the images will stay in the readers’ minds for a long time

9. 10 Screenwriting Tips from Francis Ford Coppola – How he wrote The Godfather and Apocalypse Now

Be courageous about your instincts, your ideas. New work will always be challenged because it’s never really been seen, or proven to work, before. But, new innovative cinema is always remembered the most.

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