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Top 10 Best Foods To Eat In The Rainy Season


There is nothing more exciting and thrilling than the Monsoon season. Just as the weather is powerful yet relaxing, so is the food. The Monsoon always makes us want to try something adventurous and one of them is to experience all the foods that are supposed to be tasted especially during the rainy season. The monsoon has its own set of amazing cuisine and today we have listed them for you.

List of Top 10 Best Foods To Eat In The Rainy Season

1. Bhutta (Corn) 

Bhutta is one of the top most chosen and delicious foods to experience eating in the rain or during the rainy season. Neither too spicy nor too sweet, Bhutta is just a perfect snack to eat on a rainy day. The stove-hot bhutta is surely the best food to taste with your friends. Make sure that your Bhutta is garnished perfectly with the right amount of lemon juice and spice.

2. Pakoras 

Pakoras are an absolute snack to enjoy on a perfect evening and when it is raining. A cup of hot tea with pakoras is just a great match made in heaven. We usually go nuts for this mind-blogging combination, particularly during the monsoon season. Since there is a wide range of pakoras such as cauliflower pakora, cabbage pakora, onion pakora and you name it. Eating these pakoras topped with mint sauce and desired chutney is all we could ask for on a perfect rainy evening.

3. Samosa 

Samosa on a rainy day hits different. It is a drool-worthy snack on a normal day and just imagine the craving for samosa on a rainy day is an absolute bae. Gone are the days when people had only potato samosa to choose from and now almost every restaurant gives out an option of choosing a wide variety of samosas such as keema samosa, pasta samosa, paneer samosa, and other numerous varieties. 

4. Masala Chai 

Chai is one of those beverages that is hard to ignore and when it is soon, then chai is a must to have at least a couple of times. Nothing could be better than a hot cup of tea in your hand under your roof shed and enjoying a drizzle while listening to your favorite music. Doesn’t that sound so content? 

5. Soup 

A bowl of soup is another best food to enjoy on a perfect monsoon day. The monsoon not only brings fervent happiness but also brings along a lot of flues and viruses in the air. A bowl of hot and healthy soup is something that serves both purposes i.e., the rain and the flu.

6. Mirchi Bajji 

One of the first thoughts that come to our senses when it rains is eating Mirchi Bajji. The hot and spicy addition to the perfect food to experience in the rain. No matter whether homemade or eating out, Mirchi Bajji is a mouth-watering snack that one must try if you haven’t before during Monsoon.

7. Vada Pav 

This famous Mumbai Dish is yet another snack that cannot be ignored. Vada Pav has its fan base, especially during the Monsoon. This trademark delicacy of Mumbai is now available in every Metropolitan city. The yum buttery vada pav with hot potato bonda is all you could ask for on a rainy day. It tastes better when served with green chili along with red chili paav. 

8. Chaats 

No matter a street-side chaat corner or the comfort of your home, These spicy snack items will give an amazing experience when eaten during the monsoon season. From Paani Puri to Bhel puri, all the Chatpate Chaats are must-taste food that one must experience during the rainy season. Beat the cold drizzling rain drops with the pleasure of hot Chaats.

9. Tiffins 

The essential yet authentic. The variety of tiffins such as well-steamed Idlis, Masala Dosa, Punugulu, and Bonda are worth-trying food items, especially during the rainy season. This typical South Indian food not only tastes good but is quite healthy in its way.

10. Pav Bhaji 

Monsoon always makes us want to try something spicy and hot. One such spicy and hot dish is Pav Bhaji. It is a thing to warm you up on a cold rainy day or to help you feel truly cozy while you are enjoying the tiny raindrops through the window. The pav drenched in better and the bhaji all soaked up in desi masala is what we could all ask for on monsoon day.

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