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Top 5 Lowest & Highest Team Totals For Indian Team In T20s

Top 5 Lowest & Highest Team Totals For Indian Team In T20s

Mana Indian Team ki T20 lo maiden T20 World Cup kottina history undi and alage group stage lone intiki occhina poor track record kuda undi. Win and losses anevi chala common in cricket…and manchi form lo unnappudu wonders, form lo lenappudu blunders chesi the poor performance and worst numbers anevi register avthu untayi and idi chala common.

Ila mana Indian Team adina T20 international matches lo enno memorable wins and unwanted losses kuda unnayi. Indulo 5 Lowest & Highest Team Totals For Indian Team In T20s once chusthe……

Highest Team Totals For Indian Team In T20s

1. 260/5 Vs Sri Lanka, Venue: Indore On 22 Dec 2017

In this match Rohit Sharma scored 118 of just 43 balls with 10 sixes and 12 boundaries. KL Rahul on other hand scored 89 of 49 balls.

2. 244/4 Vs West Indies, Venue: Lauderhill On 27 Aug 2016

With 245 high chase on board..Indian team started attacking batting in which ROhit Sharma scored 62 of 28 balls, KL Rahul 110 of 51 and Ms Dhoni 43 of 25 balls. But lost this match with 1 run a close call.

3. 240/3 Vs West Indies, Venue: Mumbai On 11 Dec 2019

Rohit scored 71 of 34, Virat scored 70 of 29 and KL Rahul showstealer who scored 91 of just 56 balls which led them to massive score on cards.

4. 227/6 Vs Ireland, At DublinOn 28 Jun 2022

Young Indian Team Sent to Ireland tour. In this match Deepak Hooda scored 104 of 57 balls, Sanju Samson scored 77 of 42 balls. Ireland almost came close to winning the match 221 runs and India won with 4 runs at the end.

5. 224/2 Vs England, Venue: Ahmedabad On 20 Mar 2021

Just 2 wickets lost tho Indian team 224 chesindi, Rohit scored 64 of 34, Kohli scored 80 of 52, SKY 32 of 17 and Hardik 39 of 17.

Lowest Team Totals For Indian Team In T20s

1. 74 Vs Australia, Venue: Melbourne In 2008

All Indian batsmen are restricted to single digit score only Irfans Pathan scored 26 the 2 digit scorer in the match.

2. 79 Vs New Zealand, Venue: Nagpur In 2016

Playing 2nd innings, India was restricted to 79 with Kohli 23, Ashwin 10 and Dhoni 30 runs.

3. 81/8 Vs Sri Lanka, Venue: Colombo In 2021

Hasranga took 4 wickets and De Silva with 3 wickets restricted India to 81 runs and Sri Lanka chased the score with 33 balls remaining.

4. 92 Vs South Africa, Venue: Cuttack In 2015

Rohit Sharma & Raina are the only batsmen to score 2 digit runs 22. Remaining other like Kohli 1, Dhoni 5, Rayudu duck sent to pavilion by African bowlers.

5. 101 Vs Sri Lanka, Venue: Pune In 2016

Another low score vs Srilanka for Indian team back in 2016.

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