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Top 10 Indian & International Companies In Hyderabad


A company is an association of people having a common objective and specific goals to attain. A company is a distinct legal entity. A company is an organization that provides goods or services in exchange for money.

A company may be a firm selling some products or an organization providing some services, be it entertainment, luxury, or financial services. Based on the number of members it contains, a company can be of three types: one company, a private company, and a public company. The existence of companies is a very integral part of a state’s growth and financial development.

Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana, is a historic city famous for its twinkling pearls and glass embedded bangles. Since 1950 Hyderabad has been a hub of various product-based companies. Recently, Hyderabad’s economy has diversified, and it has given way to more sources of income through tourism, traditional manufacturing, and the knowledge sector. It is an industrially developed city.

It is also known for the concentration of many successful companies in the city. Hyderabad is a hub of many IT companies as well. Furthermore, he developed real estate businesses. Here in this article, we will be discussing the top 10 companies in Hyderabad. There are many successful companies in the city that contribute to making the city economically advanced and sufficient.

Top ten companies in Hyderabad

  1. Tata consultancy services
  2. Accenture
  3. Microsoft
  4. Cognizant
  5. Oracle
  6. Deloitte
  7. Amazon
  8. Wipro
  9. Tech Mahindra
  10. Capgemini

Top 10 Companies In Hyderabad

  • TCS

1 (2)TCS is a multinational information technology, services, and consultancy company. It has its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is a subsidiary of the Tata groups. It started as Tata computer services, including services like punched card services, inter-branch reconciliation system, and bureau services.

In 1980 it established India’s first software research and development center, the tata research development and design center. It became a public listed company in 2004. Natrajan Chandrasekaran holds the position of the company’s chairman, and Rajesh Gopinathan is the Managing director.

The IT company has recently surpassed Accenture and has become the world’s most valuable company. It operates in 149 locations across 46 countries. It creates a lot of employment opportunities and picks up students from all over India. It gives the opportunity to its employees to learn and grow. Many students prefer to get placed in TCS.

  • Accenture

Accenture began as the business and technology subsidiary of accounting firm Arthur Anderson. In 1989 Arthur Anderson and Anderson Consulting became separate units of Anderson worldwide society cooperative.

In the 1990s, the tension between the two companies aggravated, and finally, in 2000, Anderson Consulting broke all contractual ties with Arthur Anderson and Anderson worldwide society cooperative. In 2001, Anderson consulting adopted its present name Accenture, meaning an accent to the future.

This name was submitted by an employee from the company’s Norway office. David Rowland is the executive chairman, and Julie Sweet is the CEO of the company. Its headquarter is in Dublin, Ireland. Accenture provides business strategy, technology strategy, and operation strategy.

It also includes technology and business management consultancy services and digital marketing, analytics, and mobility services. Accenture is one of the most acceptable preferences of all the job looking it students. The company is known for the supreme level services provided by it.

  • Infosys

Infosys is one of the most successful companies in Hyderabad. It provides business consulting, information technology, and outsourcing services. It is a public company. Its chairman is Nandan Nilekani. Seven engineers-engineers-NR Narayan Murthy, started it, Nandan Nilekani., S Gopalkrishnan, SD Shibulal, K Dinesh, NS Raghvan, and Ashok Arora, in Pune, Maharashtra in the year 1981. It became a public limited company in June 1992. It has 82 sales and marketing offices and 123 development centers across the world.

Infosys recently acquired a US-based company, namely-Kaleidoscope, in September 2020 as its product design and development partner. It provides software development and maintenance and independent validation services to various companies in different domains. Infosys is also known for the bulk placement it offers to the students.

  • Cognizant

It is an American multinational product-based digital corporation that provides digital products, services, and technology, on cloud-based data engineering, model-based testing tool, process automation tool RPA. It was founded as an in-house technology unit of Dun and Bradstreet in 1994.

It was founded by Kumar Mahadeva and Francisco Dsouza. Its headquarter is in Teaneck, New Jersey, US. Brian Humphries is the current CEO of the company. It became a Fortune 500 company in 2011. In 1966 it started pursuing customers beyond Dunn and Bradstreet. In 1988, the parent company cognizant corporation split into two companies -IMS health and Nielsen media research.

After this restructuring, the cognizant became a subsidiary of IMS health. Cognizant provides information technology, information security, consulting, ITO, and BPO services. These include business & technology consulting, systems integration, application development & maintenance, IT infrastructure services, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Engineering, analytics, business intelligence, data warehousing, customer relationship management, supply chain management, engineering & manufacturing solutions, enterprise resource planning, research, and development outsourcing, and testing solutions.

  • Microsoft

Microsoft is an American multinational information technology company. It has its headquarter in Redmond, Washington. Its best software products are- Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office Suite, the Internet Explorer, and Edge web browser. It is one of the domestic big five technology companies.

It was founded by two childhood friends -Bill Gates and Paul Alien who wanted to do a business from computer programming skills. Gates enrolled at Harvard University, while Paul pursued his degree In computer science at Washington State University. The present CEO of the company is Satya Nadella, and the chairman is -John W Thompson.

  • Oracle

Oracle Corporation is an American multinational computer technology corporation headquartered in Redwood Shores, California. The company sells database software and technology, cloud engineered systems, and enterprise software products. It was founded by Larry Ellison, Ed Oates, and Bob miner under the name of software development laboratories (SDL).

In 1995, Oracle Systems Corporation changed its name to Oracle Corporation], officially named Oracle, but sometimes referred to as Oracle Corporation, the name of the holding company. Oracle designs, manufactures and sells both software and hardware products, as well as offers services that complement them (such as financing, training, consulting, and hosting services). Many of the products have been added to Oracle’s portfolio through acquisitions.

  • Tech Mahindra

It is a multinational Indian information technology and outsourcing company. It is a subsidiary of Mahindra. Its headquarter is in Pune, Maharashtra. It is a public company. It was founded by Anand Mahindra on 24 October 1986. Its chairman is Anand Mahindra, and its CEO is CP Gurbani.

It started as a joint venture with British telecom in 1986 as a technology outsourcing firm. Tech Mahindra has offices in more than 60 countries. The company was ranked number 5 in India’s IT firms. In the fortunes India 2019 list, it was ranked 49.

  • Wipro

Wipro, formerly known as western India Palm refined oil limited, is a public company founded by Mohamed Premji in the year 1945. The chairman of the firm is -Rishad Premji, and the CEO is -Thierry Delaporte. It was initially set up to provide products like vegetables, refined oil, etc. It shifts to its services in the 1980s.In 1988 it added mobile hydraulic cylinders and heavy-duty industrial cylinders to its manufacturing products. It provides products like personal care, lighting, health care hygiene. The services offered by Wipro are – information technology, consulting, outsourcing, and managing services.

  • Amazon

Amazon is a top-rated company. Almost every person using online modes to shop knows very well about. It is one of the leading online sites to shop from. Amazon is based in Seattle, Washington. It focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. It is considered one of the big five companies in the US. It was founded by Jeff Bezos in the year 1994 in Washington. Some well-known services provided by the Amazon are-

  • Amazon. Com
  • Amazon-Alexa
  • Amazon-music
  • Amazon -Prime
  • Amazon-prime video.
  • Amazon -Web series
  • Amazon-the shopping app

The company started to provide books online, but it gradually expanded and grasped various domains. It is one of the most successful companies that are really popular in all of its fields.

  • Capgemini

Capgemini is a French multinational corporation that provides consulting, technology, professional, and outsourcing services. Capgemini was founded by Serge Kampf in 1967 as an enterprise management and data processing company.

In 1996, the name was simplified to Cap Gemini with a new group logo. All operating companies worldwide were re-branded to work as Cap Gemini. Sogeti is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Capgemini Group. It is an information technology consulting company specializing in technology and professional engineering services. Sogeti developed the Test Management Approach.

The present CEO of Capgemini is Aiman Ezzat. It offers various services to businesses to aid them to fill their need for talent and technology. It works to place talent within multiple industries such as automotive, aerospace, defense, government, insurance, etc. Capgemini has enhanced its realms in various domains and has successfully established its roots, thereby making it a success and most sought for company.

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