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Toughest Courses In The World, Probably You Don’t Know


With growing competition and population, the world has become quite a competitive place, billions of people are studying and competing against each other for a place in top universities and to get top jobs.

It can be extremely difficult to choose what you want to do, there are several courses, which offer expertise in different fields, there’s no easy way to obtain a degree, no shortcuts, if you are looking at higher education, then you will have to invest a lot of time and hard work into it, but there are certain courses or degrees which are a tad bit easier than other courses, these courses might take less time to complete, or you might find some fields easier depending on your interest.

however, there are certain courses which are harder when compared to other courses, these courses require utmost dedication and hard work to complete, in this article, we will be taking a look at some of the toughest courses in the world.

Here are a few Toughest courses in the world


Considered as one of the difficult courses in the world, Engineering deserves the first spot in our list for being the toughest course, engineering students have to deal with problems that require the necessary skills like tactical, analytical skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities.

Engineering is often characterized as having four main branches – chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering. One of the things which makes engineering extremely difficult is that It involves more math and physics than any other stream.

This is because engineering programs aim at preparing the students to enter the workforce, for which they have to prepare the students in such a way that they can solve challenging problems, This can be quite difficult and requires a lot of studying and perseverance. The things which most of the students struggle with are Math and the workload which is appointed to them. Despite this Engineers are some of the highest-paid employees in the world, which is why several households push their children to take up this field.

Charted Accounted

Every year around 12 lakh students appear every year for CA examinations in India, and only 9000 acquired their goal and become C.A, making it one of the toughest courses, the course also has the lowest rate of success in India.

There are three phases for a C.A Examination – First is the foundation course which has 4 groups in it:-

  • a) Fundamentals of Accounting
  • b) Quantitative technique
  • c) Mercantile law
  • d) General economics

According to reports, only 30 % of students can clear this level.

The next phase is the Intermediate course, which is divided into two groups, with each group containing four subjects.

Group 1 consists of:-

  • Accounting
  • Corporate and Other Laws
  • Cost and Management Accounting
  • Direct tax laws and indirect tax laws

Group 2:-

  • Advanced Accounting
  • Auditing and Assurance
  • I.T. and Strategic Management
  • Financial Management and Business Economic Environment

To cleat this phase, you need to get at least 40 % marks in each subject or 50% aggregate In each group to clear this level. Only 4 to 8% of students manage to clear this level.

The Last Phase is the CA Final

This Level includes 8 subjects divided into two groups

Group 1

  • Financial Reporting
  • Strategic Financial Management
  • Advanced Auditing and Ethical Techniques
  • Corporate and Allied Laws

Group 2

  • Advanced Management Accounting
  • Information System Control and Audit
  • Direct tax laws
  • Indirect Tax Laws

You need 40% in each subject or 50% aggregate in each group. Only 3-8% crack these exams and succeed in becoming a Charted Accountant.


Pharmacy is easily one of the tougher courses, and this is because the subject covers almost every part of science, Starting from Chemistry to Medicinal chemistry, Pharmacology, Pathology, Anatomy, Physiology, and clinical pharmacy in depth.

The hard part about Pharmacy is that you will have to deal with chemical reactions and biological mechanism of drugs, it was estimated that more than 10% of people who make it into pharmacy school do not make it through to graduation day, this is because of the heavy course load, which consists of lectures regarding different topics, and the weekly exams and assignments which are extremely hard and time-consuming.

Another major problem that pharmaceutical students go through is time management, managing time between lectures, studies and assignments can be a jarring task, and many students fail in using their time correctly, Staying organized and being punctual with your time is going to help you in the long run, try not to get overwhelmed of the pressure.


it’s one thing getting into medicine, but surviving in it is another whole ball game, we have all heard stories of how difficult it is to become a doctor, you’ll have to study endlessly for years and years and even then there’s no guarantee that you’re going to become a successful doctor.

Medicine is a challenging and demanding course, which takes a lot out of you, To become a Doctor, you will need to complete MBBS, which is a 5 ½ years course, and is divided into three semesters each.

In the last year of MBBS, you will have to don a compulsory rotating internship. After your MBBS, you’ll need to do M.S, which is a 3 years course that leads to a postgraduate degree in surgery. A doctor after successful completion of this course is eligible to work as Surgeon. The time and the effort which is required to become a doctor is what makes Medicine one of the toughest courses.


One of the difficult things in this course is that it has a lot of practical and technical work when compared to theory. Many students have complained that there is a lot of pressure on them to complete the assignments on time.

Architecture is not a profession for everyone, if you are someone who is just doing it for the fun of it, it can get very difficult and rough. Architecture teaches you the process of construction of buildings, complexes, highways, and civil construction. As an architect, you will need to come up with innovative ideas and analytical skills.

It is also very important that you understand the theory and practices of designing as they play major roles in architecture. Many people have the common misconception that architecture is only about sketching and designing, but that does not even scratch the surface of architecture, a lot of effort and analytical thinking is required to complete a project. To become a professional in this field, you’ll have to complete the architecture course, which is for 5 years.


Which is the most difficult degree?

Engineering is the most difficult degree

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