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Trivikram movies nunchi manaku Moral Science Lessons Chaala istharu


Telugu movies have different themes. Each director takes a different moral or a story line for each of his film. Trivikram chooses to showcase everyday necessary morals in the nicest ways possible through his movies.

1. A..Aa..1trivikram-minParuvu is something we all look for in the society. Mana varaku ochinapudu daniki unna importance, mana vaalla daggarki ochinapudu kuda manam anthe undali. Money is not everything in life. Happy ga unnapudu kalisi mana vaallatho navvadam, Badha lo unapudu pakkana undi odarchadam is important. ‘Mana’ ana concept ee movie lo chaala important!

2. Atharintiki DaarediJeevitham lo entha dabbu, success ochina, we should never back off from family, love and friendship. They all weigh a lot more than money!

3. S/O SatyamurthyMoney is not everything. Oka maata is the aa maata nilapadam kosam edaina cheyyali. Manchi vaallaki manchi chesthe tirigi manchi avuthadi even if this entire process takes time!

4. JulayiLife runs on money and humans run on ego! Life lo edaina sadinchali ankunte aa ego pakkaku petti proceed aithe, it is the most fruitful work. Magics ni entha nammuthamo logics ki anthe importance ivvali. Confidence, Self-Confidence, Over-confidence and Goal ki difference telsukunte life is easier and better to live!

5. KhalejaDevudu gudi lo kani, intlo kani untademo kani prati manishi lo matram kachintanga untadi. Manchi cheyyalani ankunappudu aa devudu manalo nunchi manchi cheyisthadu. To do anything good, God himself makes sure he gives us a path and helps us do even better.

6. AthadiNammakam meeda life nadustundi. Ade nammakam manaku manam pettukovali. If anyone betrays us on nammakam, we need to take a moment off and realize that somewhere someone is still there with more trust on us! This realization of trust and love from anyone can change the mindsets of the cruelest people too!

7. JalsaThis hilarious Naxal Faction movie talks about how important it is for us to look beyond a person’s superficial life before we take a step to judge him. Life lo oka thappu chesthe aa thappu telsukoni malli cheyyakunda undatam important. Thappu cheshna vaallani judge cheyyakunda ardham cheskoni aalochinchadam is important. Yuddam lo gelavatam lo Odinchatam kani Champatam kadu.

8. Nuvve NuvvuMoney tho anni konalemu. Happiness, Family, Friends, Love and many other such things ni manam money tho konalemu.

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