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Meet Madhu Vajrakarur, Who Built A Wind Turbine That Can Generate Both Electricity & Water


India, manam enthagano goppaga feel ayye mana desam lo approximately 88 million people are deprived of basic drinking water & electricity.

Kanisam taagadaniki manchi neelu koda dorakani janabha sankya 88 million and inka manchi neelu dorakani places enno…

Andhra Pradesh loni Anantapur district ki chendina 23-year Electrical Engineer aina Madhu Vajrakarur intiki ki kuda basic electricity, clean drinking water andubaatulo levu.

Ee kastame athani loni engineer ni bytaki teesindi.

Madhu Vajrakarur oka “Wind Turbine” tayaru chesaru, aa Wind Turbine both electricity and drinking water ni produce chestundi…

Tana savings and valla parents own savings nunchi Rs. 1 Lakh karchu chesaru ee Wind Turbine construction ki, Within 15 days lo Wind Turbine construction poorthi chesadu Madhu.

How does this “Wind Turbine” Work?

Madhu Vajrakarur Says:

“The moisture in the wind is directed into the wind turbines frame using a blower placed at the back of the fan. Once this cool air goes into the long frame, the moisture is directed into the cooling compressor which condenses the air into water. The water is then directed through copper pipes into a three-stage filter with membrane filters, carbon filters, and UV filters to collect any dust particles present. Finally, the clean water is accessed through a tap placed on the frame, and the wind turbine is connected to an inverter with 30-kilowatt capacity and this helps to power fans, lights, and plug-points in my home.”

The Inspiration Behind:

Second class lo yeppudaithe Wind Turbine gurinchi chadivado appati nunchi Madhu ki Wind Turbine tayaru cheyyali ani manasulo gattiga anukunnadu. Chinnappudu cardboards use chesi wind turbines chese vaadu.

Inka konchem peddayyaka Solar Power Grids, Automatic Lights tayyaru cheyyadam nerchukunnadu. And ee Wind Turbine construction design Youtube videos chusi chesaru Madhu.

Madhu Vajrakarur About His Struggle & Wind Turbine:

“I was born and brought up in Vajrakarur village. Here, the main source of water supply is through borewells and water tankers. The water drawn from the borewells is heated and then used for consumption. When there are no rains, the groundwater level drops and we are dependent on purchasing drinking water from tankers. My father is a farmer and my mother is a housewife, so their income is low. On some occasions we could not afford to buy the water while other times we would depend on borrowing from neighbours”

“This wind turbine provides 80 to 100 litres of water every day and it can cut down on high electricity bills from using a motor to pump water from borewells. My neighbours also benefit from the wind turbine whenever they are short on drinking water.”

“I am hoping to commercialise this design and help others by setting up this wind turbine in water-scarce areas.”

Madhu investors kosam chustunnaru.

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