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Unknown And Interesting Facts About The Legendary Actress Savitri (Mahanati)


Mahanati Savitri gari gurinchi manaku teliyanidi kadu. Chala mandi young actresses ki ame oka acting library lanti varu. Mana TFI konni decades varaku rule chesaru and fans amenu oka devatha la poojistaru. For the first time, Savitri gari meda oka biopic rabotundi. Nag Ashwin direct chestuna e movie lo Keerthy Suresh Savitri gari role chestunaru and recent ga e movie teaser kuda release, which already took the internet by heavy storm. So, asalu Mahanati Savitri gari gurinchi manaku teliyani konni interesting facts telusukundam.

1. Actress Savitri father tanaku 6 years unapude chanipoyaru and shw was raised by her uncle and aunt.

2. Chinapatinundi studies kantey, she was more into acting and dancing in theatre groups. Savitri garu eight years unapudu, started performing in theater groups.

3. Savitri garu tanaki 12 years unapudu, make up use chesi auditions time lo koncham old ga kanipinchadaniki try chesevaru, but avi workout ayevi kaavu.

4. 1950 lo Akkineni Nageswara Rao gari pakkana act cheyadaniki first film offer vachindi. A movie peru “Samsaaram”. A time lo Savitri garu chala nervous ga undi, chala retakes tesukunaru, anduke a role ni Lakshmi Kantham gariki ichesaru. That’s how she lost her first film offer.

5. Misamma movie Savitri gariki enta special oh manaku telisinde. She was originally supposed to be played by Actress Banumati. Kaani shooting start ayaka, Banumati garu shooting ki sariga raledu, so producers kopamtho a role Savitri gariki icharu.

6. Savitri garu is very fond of jewellery and motham shooting time lo she used to get her own jewellery.

7. She was always generous. She kept her house open for the needy. She was also known for providing financial support for budding actresses.

8. Mahanati Savitri was a race car enthusiast and at one point, she had the highest collection of vintage cars in Chennai.

9. She fell in love at first sight with Gemini Ganeshan, when she went to Chennai for film offers. Photos tesukuni Gemini Studios ki velinapudu akada Gemini Ganeshan ni chusi istapadaru. Apatinundi idaru matladukunevaru.

10. Gemini Ganeshan ki antaku mundu rendu sarlu pelli aina sare, third marriage kosam oppukunaru. 1952 lo secret ga vala pelli jarigindi. Ayanaku Savitri third wife.

11. The actress’ downfall began around 1969. Her marriage to Gemini Ganesan was falling apart and she became an alcoholic.

12. After her marriage to Gemini Ganeshan, she lost her properties in the form of donations, scandals and business losses.

13. A tarvata, she was addicted to alcohol and drugs during the last stages of her life. A time lo she used to stay in a small rented house with her children and also got the worst medication. Savitri suffered for more than 18 months and finally passed away on 1981.

14. She had a never-ending passion for acting. During shooting for a film called ‘Gorintaku’, her bangles broke and she began bleeding. But that did not stop her from finishing the scene.

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