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These Unusual Professions Will Make You See Your Job In A Different Light AllTogether..!..!


By Apeksha Tickoo

If you haven’t made up your mind regarding what career you want to take up, one question that will haunt you at every family gathering or whenever you bump into that nosy aunt is, ‘What do you want to do with your life?’

How about the next time someone puts up the same question, you answer with ‘I want tocry out loud and get paid for it!’ Or, ‘Cuddle people and earn bucks!’ Trust us, you’ll never hear the same question from that person again. Or rather, never ever  hear from that person again! (Thank us later!)

But if you think the answers we have suggested are based on pure imagination, read along and  we’ll prove you wrong.

Here is a list of 5 professions so unusual, you might actually like them.


1You must have heard about scarecrows. Forget that image you’ve made up in mind of an earthen pot and hay arranged in the shape of a human placed In the midst of a field. Now is the age of real human scarecrows. People are ready to pay you if you can hold a flag with the emblem of a crossed out bird and make sure that no bird dares to sit around in the area designated to you.

The picture is of a bird deterrent at Rambagh Palace, Jaipur.  He’s probably holding the sign to inform the guests about his task (and obviously the well read birdies)


In the world of paid mourning, you are expected to attend funerals and moan. This line of work is practiced in the UK, Mediterranean, Egypt, Lebanon and, India. There is an established company in the UK called ‘Rent a mourner’ which provides people to increase the numbers at a funeral.

Talking about our country, this is common in the state of Rajasthan where mainly females practice this profession and are called ‘Rudaalis’


The title sure does sound fiery! ‘Hot Walker’ Just to clarify, the term ‘hot’ isn’t used for the professional but describes a horse! Right after racing or exercising, the horse gets heated up and if not cooled down may suffer kidney damage or shock. To avoid this, hot walkers walk the horse to calm it down and maintain its body temperature.


It is a scientifically proven fact that cuddling boosts one’s immune system, relieves pain and lowers the risk of heart diseases. Imagine getting all of this along with money! That is the life of professional cuddlers. There are many establishments which provide snuggle buddies for platonic cuddling, and these cuddlers get $40 (Rs 2400) for an hour of their work.

Puzzled? Follow the link below to peep into the cuddling industry! (You’re definitely going to need to cuddle after watching it!)


This profession was born out of  goods shortage when elite people did not want to stand in long queues and wait till they had their product. To make this easy, they hired people who would stand on behalf of them. Even after the goods shortage faded away, this profession did not cease to grow. Talking about present time it has developed into a full fledged industry. Be it standing in line for registering high demand specialists in hospitals or for purchasing the latest iPhone, the queue standers are ready to wait as long as you want them to!

Talking about queues, it seems this profession has  no chance of flourishing in India. (who believes in queues after all!)

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