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All The Updates We Got So Far About Rajamouli’s Next Movie, Take A Look

All The Updates We Got So Far About Rajamouli's Next Movie, Take A Look

The entire world is waiting for Rajamouli to start his next movie. Everyone wants to watch his magic once again unfold on screen. We got some details about Rajamouli’s next film, read this, and keep your hopes high. All hail Jakkanna.

1. The first Indian film to be made with a budget over Rs. 1000 Cr

2. First of its genre kind of film in India.

3. As Rajamouli said, it’s a ‘globetrotting adventure’ movie.

Meaning of the world ‘Globetrotting’ = the action of traveling widely around the world.

4. This film is inspired by Hollywood’s Indiana Jones movie.

5. Mahesh will be receiving huge remuneration for this movie, which will make him, no.1 in terms of Indian heroes as per remuneration.

6. Rajamouli has signed a deal with the Hollywood agency CAA

Creative Artists Agency LLC (CAA) is an American talent and sports agency based in Los Angeles, California. It is regarded as an influential company in the talent agency business and manages numerous clients.

7. Legendary American actor Samuel L Jackson will play a key role in the film.

8. And there are talks about roping everyone’s Thor Chris Hemsworth for a key role.

9. The movie is all set to start shooting in spring 2023.

10. This movie casting will have different actors from different parts of the world, as this film is one kind of action-adventure that will be shot all over the world.

11. This film will have sequences with a lot of animals and the team is planning to create the most incredible underwater sequences ever made.

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