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‘It’s how I wanted to tell my story’ says Viidhi Upadhyay, Of Her Beautifully Composed Debut Single !!


Once in awhile, there comes an artist who makes you wonder, what took them so long? The artist gives us something so imaginatively beautiful that you can’t help but fall in love with him, or in this case her. Introducing Viidhii Upadhyay. Her latest single Tu Chal, is a melodious track which brings back the good old days of pure pleasant music and thought inducing lyrics to go with it. Amongst the cacophony of chaotic treble beats that we are accustomed to, this single about self discovery stands out as a true, honest and poignant whisper.

I got talking to Viidhii, and instantly knew that she was someone definitely to look out for. Read On!

Hey Viidhi…First of all congratulations on the single. It looks amazing! So where would you say your love for music started?

A big hello to everyone out there. This is Viidhii. I’m from Rajkot, Gujarat. Now a Mumbaikar. Well, I remember singing my own poetic songs when I had just started to speak (2yrs old I guess). There’s a cute story behind it. My father used to name any random toy and I had to make a song on it – that was the game. It was supposed to be a spontaneous task and I used to do it playfully. A song on my pillow, a song on my spinning top, a song on probably anything that was around me. This was when my parents kind of realized that I had a flair of creating my own songs.

Haha, that is pretty cute. YouTube is a wonderful platform for obvious reasons, however was there a thought process you had, to perhaps opt for it ?

YouTube is accessible all over the world, which in turn makes it the most approachable platform for any artist to showcase their art. This was the only thought behind launching my Debut Single on YouTube. It’s been more than a week since I uploaded my song and I cannot deny the fact that YouTube is slowly showing up it’s magic 🙂

Oh we are pretty sure the magic will continue. Now, coming to the single, what’s the story behind it?

Tu Chul (numerologically spelled) was initially created as the Theme Song of a Hindi Movie which had the same story as mine. So, when I started to write,I could visualize my life, my struggles and how i motivated myself every time I faced something wrong. My mind could not stop delivering word after word and phrase after phrase. The words kept flowing. I would say I wrote this song on and for “Myself”. It’s how I wanted to say my story. The movie thing, unfortunately, didn’t happen. So I thought to take it up my way. And here we are..


Wonderful!! The Video looks amazing, quite literally. How easy or difficult was it to choose and focus a technical team on this journey?

A Musician & Performer would team up well with Singer, Lyricist & Composer. Hence I took up all the three roles. Apart from those, I obviously needed a team to take up other responsibilities. When I approached the DOP Mr.Bhumil Soochak, we started to discuss how the story should be told and every time we met, we had a different concept for the song. The song has so much to offer and it was kind of crucial to fix something that would impact the youth as well as the elders. Finally on the 3rd day, the editor Rohit and Bhumil shared another concept which was nothing different than my life story. Dad & I smiled and went on to take the same concept ahead. The video was shot in less than 24hrs which is commendable and I am happy with the team that I got an opportunity to work with.

Your team rocks! That brings me to the next question. What would you say the present situation is for upcoming artists such as yourself, in a country as ours?

Our country is immensely blessed with talented people. But the problem is, rather than encouraging talents, we compare talents and underestimate them. God has blessed everyone differently. No two fingers are the same. How can you expect two different individuals to be similar? In the context of my song, I would like to say that families should encourage girls to take up their goals allow them to follow their passion. Not every girl is born to be a housewife. So people should stop thinking about their post marriage life and let them pursue life of their dreams.


That is very true. Make their Own Vidhi, right? Now that we’ve had a glimpse at the incredible talent that you are, what’s next? Are you onto something then?

Oh yes, I’ve got offers for collaborations and I’m looking forward to take up one by one. But I’ll be equally active in producing my original compositions.

Great. Thank You Viidhii for your time and music. It was a pleasure chatting with you. Our best wishes with you. Hope to see you soon.


So that was Viidhii, folks. Do check out the video link below to discover how incredible the journey to find your soul feels….

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